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Interior Light, Auto Headlights & Central Locking......

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this 4-in-1 has me BAFFLED :unsure:

about 2 weeks ago noticed that everytime i close any of the 4 doors on my is200, there would be clunk clunk kind of noise heard from the boot (nearside). now i know there is the alarm module there, so thought nothing of it :whistling:

on saturday night locked the doors via the keyfob & the indicators did not flash the once, pressed the button a 2nd time & they flashed 5 times, unlocked the doors again with the keyfob & got 2 flashes. just the 1st lock with the 1 flash not working. the next evening it was back to normal :huh:

yesterday the keyfob would not lock the doors or open the boot, with either of the keys. locks would also not function via the button on the drivers door. changed the batteries, still no good :tomato:

suddenly the locking via the door switch worked & then didn't :yawn:

then while this wasn't enough, realised that the interior light when set to door, would not light up when the doors are opened without the keys in the ignition, the auto headlights would not go off when the drivers door was opened :angry:

really getting annoyed with the lexus now :tsktsk: :tsktsk:

did a search on the forum relating to central locking problem, but unfortunately did not come across anything that could help me resolve this weird 4-in-1 problem :crybaby:

checked the fuses, changed the batteries in the keyfobs, disconnected the car Battery, still no good :blush:

i did however remove the heater dial unit & relocate it in the glove box, as i put my 7" touchscreen above the stereo unit & attached it to my wireless laptop, & not forgetting the usb hub hidden behind the glove compartment with an fm modulator hidden behind the headunit :winky:

disconnected all this & still no luck :tomato:

removed it from the car, still no good :shutit:

any suggestions :crybaby::question:

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Have you got anything wired into the drivers footwell fusebox? eg scuff plates, auto closure kit etc. That seems to be the common place where all those faulty connections will meet.

I've had the same sort of problems (non flashing indicators when locked with keyfob, a double-unlock when unlocking with the key fob, mirrors folding in when I turn the headlights on) since I had loose connections on my auto closure kit. I've removed it now and the Lex is fine - I am going to try wiring it in again when I get the time.

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nothing like that.

i have connected from the cigarette lighter, the positive to act as a remote on & off power supply to my wireless devices.

& since i have relocated the heater dials into the glove compartment, the 2 plugs which are connected to this unit have been extended about 12inches.

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