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  1. Happy Birthday Moffet!

  2. I think they came from Prolex a very long time ago, but I may have got them via another member. So long ago I can't really remember! Can't imagine you can get them now though.
  3. I'm afraid the wheels aren't mint, there is no kerb marks or anything like that but there is a little "bubbling" of the paint around where the valves are (not sure how well you can see it on the pic in the first post). They've also been sitting in the shed for the best part of a year now so will need getting out and checking for any other corrosion or anything that has happened while in storage.
  4. Still have the wheels mate, the thread is up to date with the stuff removed that has gone. Still have some bits I haven't got round to listing as well. Thanks, it was, and I still miss it! Exhaust has gone I'm afraid.
  5. No, I'm afraid I just sold them yesterday. If I remember rightly they were from a group buy on here several years ago. I have no idea where the member who organised it got them from - maybe there is still the thread about it somewhere but I wouldn't know how to find it! The price I am after is on the listing but you can always make me an offer :) I have removed the stuff from the listing that is sold and I will try to update it with the remaining things I have soon. I know there's a few things but I need to go through the contents of my shed to find what is left!
  6. I have some (but not in perfect condition) - drop me a PM if you're interested.
  7. Moffet

    Is200 Headlamps

    I have a pair for sale - drop me a PM if you're interested.
  8. Hi there, sorry for the slow response. It won't fit I'm afraid. No I don't have the engine.
  9. No, I'm not breaking the car. The wheels are the standard 17" OEM wheels but have been resprayed in a different colour during the refurb and then diamond cut to get the silver edge back. That was a while ago so they aren't in perfect condition any more but if you're interested make me a sensible offer and they're yours! No, I'm not breaking the car.
  10. No I'm afraid not, sorry. No I don't - I'm not breaking the car, just selling off the modifications I had. You have a PM.
  11. I've got a couple of others after the bonnet struts mate (just waiting confirmation) but I'll let you know if it falls through.
  12. Just seen this Ian, I have one if you still need it.
  13. No problem mate, thanks for the positive "review" :D
  14. Robert - I will ship to Sweden as long as you pay for it! Hi Mat, long time no see / write. Your masterpiece of an exhaust hasn't sold yet, had a few enquiries about it but it's going to be awkward to ship due to the size and weight and even if someone collects it you can't fit it in an IS200! Yes I still have the charger also, had a load of offers but none are close enough to the £2k I'm after for it. Anyone else after a charger? In fact I'm surprised just how little stuff I've managed to get rid of! If you don't like the prices then make me an offer - I'm sure we can come to some agreement.