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  1. Happy Birthday Moffet!

  2. I have some (but not in perfect condition) - drop me a PM if you're interested.
  3. Moffet

    Is200 Headlamps

    I have a pair for sale - drop me a PM if you're interested.
  4. Just seen this Ian, I have one if you still need it.
  5. Shame to see you get rid of the Lex, Bobby, but I'm sure you will enjoy your new ride! :D
  6. Car looks fantastic in them pics mate. Saw a few more while looking through some old threads too and I'm amazed at how clean and shiny you kept that engine bay. I'm quite embarrassed by the state of mine... Gutted for you mate, but just typical that was the area of the car that suffered the damage. I'm hoping you are your normal positive self and looking forward to the new project and not dwelling on the old one too much. My car is still working so I'm guessing the new FCD has sorted it. Been driving it a lot more gently since then though, must be saving a fortune on fuel!
  7. Got the new FCD fitted and been for a quick spin. Everything seems ok, but didn't really boot it though. Guess I'll see on my way to work tomorrow! Cheers for the advice (and the pic, Wozza) and also thanks for the compliments on the car, everyone. Just been reading up a bit on LOC stuff... Stav has a new engine (looks great mate!), Aztec eventually got his car charged and then the unthinkable happened (I'm so gutted for him...) and I can't believe you're actually getting round to fitting your s/c Chris! @CIJ: I'm fine mate, drive past the end of your street nearly every day but not past your house becuase that street doesn't exactly go anywhere. Keep an eye out for your Lex outside but not seen it there for a long while. Guess I know why now... hurry up and get that charger sorted!
  8. Thanks guys, knew you'd help me out. Ordered an HKS FCD from Prolex - didn't find any in this country on ebay. Found the other threads about them so should be pretty straightforward to fit thanks to the advice given there. Pretty sure I had that bumper the last few times I've seen you Stav - been on for nearly two years now! BTW, I've still not got round to wiring in that Racelogic Traction Control unit you were helping me with a while back. Come to think of it I have loads of stuff in cupboards/the shed/on top of bedroom wardrobes to go on the car that I never got round to. Really should have a look at what's there! @Asi: thanks, did a lot of work on the car a long time ago... Few more pics from that shoot (photos taken by KT Photography by the way): Probably should have started another thread to show these pics but I've done it now.
  9. Hi guys! Not been around for ages so sorry about that. Don't recognise a lot of the names round here now but I'm sure a lot of the old faces are still around somewhere! Car has been going well but not much in the way of mods since I've been away from LOC (proof you lot are a bad influence methinks!). Couple of pics of the car taken a few weeks ago: Since then someone has driven into the back of me (yet again...) but that's been sorted out now. Anyway, the reason I'm here... and you guessed it... I needed some help. Car has cut out on me a few times but had no idea what was causing it until a few days ago when it seemed to die completely but then recovered itself into 'limp mode' with an error code. Read the code which was "P0105 Manifold Absolute Pressure/Barometric Pressure Circuit Malfunction". Searched the forums for some info and I'm guessing my TTE black box has given up the ghost, so will need to replace it with an HKS FCD STD. Can anyone recommend anywhere to get one? Or any more likely cause of the problem if you think it's something else? In the mean time, if I remove the black box and disconnect the bypass cable I'm assuming I can use the car as normal after resetting the ECU (to get it out of 'limp mode'). Is it just a case of cutting the 4 wires or will I need to join two of them back together again until I get the new box to attach? Seems to have been a few people had a similar problem recently with these black boxes... they don't seem to be up to Toyota's usual reliable standards! Thanks in advance!
  10. Well Lindsay and I were from furthest away and we stayed for the Christmas meal. :P Wasn't terribly Christmas-ey though because it was a little early (November) in order to try and get everyone when they were already together. Was probably a good thing that I didn't get home until well after Match of the Day finished because it was the day Sunderland got beat 7-1 last season...
  11. Hi Chris :) Been busy recently, used to be on here every day but it's more like once a month nowadays! Haven't managed to make it to a meet for a while either but will do sometime I hope!
  12. What exactly did Plato mean by "it feels a bit lexus"..... ? Can't remember the exact wording but he seemed to be putting the car down with it!
  13. Went to Teesside Autodrome for a few hours, was good to see you guys there. Didn't get much in the way of pics but have a few poor ones Dave: Vid (sorry the second half doesn't have any sound...): And going too fast for my camera... Bazza: Vid: Looking forward to the next time you guys are up here, now you realise how far North the country comes! :winky:
  14. :tsktsk: only just seen this... would have popped down to see you guys tonight if I'd known! I'll try to come down tomorrow (still not quite North enough for me!) - since they are not probably going to be on here again before the event does anyone any of their contact numbers they can PM me in case we have any problems? You definately going Chris? Will be good to see you there, mate! :)
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