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As a full time car nut, choosing a 250 over an RX8 or Golf GTi (already dismissed 3, A4 and C-Class) was always gonna be (in my eyes) a risky choice. Just blown up my Caterham through "spirited" driving so the IS had two spaces to fill.

One week and 1000 miles in would any one be interested in a self confessed sad old(ish) car enthusiasts opinion?


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What Engine do you have in the Caterham?

From your post thats my first Question :lol: :D

So after a Good weeks drive,whats think of the IS?

Did you manage to post any pictures up of your car yet.

I notice youve stayed with RWD..was that one of the reasons why you went for the IS.


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Engine was 1.6 k-series SS, in a superlight giving about 300 brake per ton. In discussion with the insurers as to who will pay the bill.....

The IS is a funny car, can't quite work out what it's trying to be? Projects it self as a grown up luxury saloon, but the ride is far too hard and steering too sharp to carry that off. Running 18" on std suspension though so my ride may be compromised a little? Feels very "darty" it jiggles around with very little body roll and you can feel all the road imperfections through the steering. Seems more like a grown up jap sports car than "luxury" to me. Although the approach to "sports car" seems to be just stiffen everything up rather than add any real finesse to the handling.

The engine is OK, needs to be reved (up'd my flashy red warning thing right to rev limiter) but does sound a little strained, car is a quite heavy so maybe a little more power would be nice. That said it's fast enough for the job in hand.

Interior is great, perfect compromise between kids toy shop and grown up practicality. Not had any of the rattles (yet) that a few people on here seem to be suffering from. Seats (poor man cloth) are brillant, most comfortable (motorway) and supportive (long way home) I've used in this type of car.

In summary, I love it. I like the "darty" feel although I do recon those looking to be wafted around may be disappointed? think the kid down the local high street sumed it up best though when he stopped me and said..."your car is safe as f*ck mate!" think it was a complement?!

Thanks for listening

Jon (250 std - white - 18" hoshi's)

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