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Alex JB

Power Steer Fluid Change

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I followed the super helpfull LexLS guide to flushing out the power steer fluid as I was getting a groan (pump cavitating) from the system in the mornings untill it warmed up.

All was going well untill the hose from the return into the bucket came apart where my shoddy temporary join was. this resulted in 1/2 litre of PS fluid all over the driveway and spattered all over the engine bay, at the same time what I can only describe as a big burp came from the resevior.

After I stopped, cleaned up and decided that I'd done enough 3 litres used including spillage (thought I'd probably blown out the pump seals) I seemed to have the resevoir overfilled so had to suck some out.

My question for anyone who has messed with the PS system are:-

Did you see dramatic effects after flushing?

Did you have a 'burp' during the process?

Do you think there is somewhere in the system that air can stay trapped that this process can remove?

The long and short is it's now super quiet and the steer wheel effort is even lower than before. :winky:

Went through a multi storey car park in Birmingham thisafternoon and I did it with the windows down just to hear the engine for once, not the PS pump whine when cold!

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