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  1. Happy Birthday Alex JB!

  2. Talbot samba - enough said Citroen Visa GTI - a 205 gti in an uglier but lighter box :winky: metro van - not much to look at but the group n spec hil climing engine from a turbo model made it worth while. Citroen BX TZD - orible but a great mile gobler Ford Ka - fun once the turbo and nitrous was fitted. Smart car - just needed to have owned one toyota celica GT4 - fastest thing I've owned MK1 LS400 - smoothest thing i've owned & my first LPG car. Moved to USA PT cruiser GT - fun but 240hp is not enough to make it a rice burner beater. Ford F150 - yee ha, a rednek truck in suburbia, roomy but 15mpg is not ideal even with 58p/litre petrol. I've not posted for ages and this thread made me realise how much I miss my LS.
  3. In case you fellas hadn't already guessed from ade's post above... The big dog is sold! Sold to Ade yesterday for a suitable sum. All the best with the car Ade, I'msure you will have few if any problems and if you do, the fellas here will be sure to help you out and with BazGTR on your doorstep you'll be fine. It's less of a goodbye and more of a ta for now. I'll be stoping buy and checking in and you never know, I may end up with another LS in the US as my second car. Needed 7 seats and wanted 4 wheel drive for the Illinois winters, plus choice of lease cars (company that my company uses) is limited, so I have ended up with the audi Q7. Not a Lexus I know, but at least European not a gas guzzling yank tank! ;)
  4. Definately go for thr anti rol bar bushes yourself. Took me about an hour to do both of them. I think the pair cost 22 quid inc vat.
  5. As of december the big dog is for sale, do you think it's worth selling the 18's & HID's seperately? Obviously the LPG will stay on but not sure if I have time to take out all the stereo either.
  6. Hi Pete, Did you find your cheap LS? If you are looking for super cheap to run my 93 has LPG... I'm off to the US end of jan so the LS has to go in december. Alex JB
  7. Exactly! So buy me a shotgun and call me bubba... I'm off to Illinois in jan! back in 4 years if I can't convince the wife to stay permamently!
  8. Thanks Microcat Anyone confirm that the codes are on the heater control screen?
  9. de-badge & dark windows, that's the minimalist modifier's approach :winky:
  10. Gents, I was trawling through the posts about heating problems and found this thread. Has anyone fixed their problem buy sorting the codes? I have a heater problem where the heaters just about get hot then go cool again unless the car is given some beans and then the heaters get hot again for a while. I also have a bled out lcd so I'm assuming that's where you can see the codes - so if I di the test I can't see them. What's the dome fuse look like and where's it located, may pull it out anyway and try to clean the sensors if I can find them. Thanks, Alex JB.
  11. Crikey! Hope you have trade plates and insurance so you can drive them all!
  12. This is totaly off topic I know but... I agree Chris that the new LS isa a gorgeous car but save some cash for a holiday and buy the 460, the 600h is a gimic! if we wanted economy we's be driving smart cars not one of the bigest cars on the luxury market. getting 30mpg instead of 25 is not really a reason to be congestion charge free. However if anyone just bought the hybrid for the extra smooth power delivery and the extra cash was just lying around then well done! Why don't Toyota upsize the powertrain from the prius a little and put the IS on a diet and with some eco tyres etc it could be a competitive luxury hybrid that actually got a decent distance out of the batterys/motors and good economy out of the engine running them. (steps down off the soap box) Rant over. :winky:
  13. nice! I'm assuming it's the blue one that's new? Do you know what the alloys are off originally? I have seen similar ones on e-bay but not sure which Lex they come from
  14. pitty it's not an afternooon pick up, I would have made you a coffe before you set off for home.
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