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I previously posted my disapointment regarding a 'passenger dash rattle'.

It seems that the noise / creak only takes in very cold weather.

I collected the car from Lexus Norwich on 31st January, the drive home was smooth and quiet; however during this recent cold i noticed the creak from the passenger side that lasts for approx 10 mins then disappears.

I have aranged for a lexus dealer to try to ascertain the cause and provide a solution to the creak.

This morning the temperature has been between 9 - 10 degrees and there was no creaking at all.

I,m going to record the sound so i will at least be able to demonstrate to the dealer that i'm not losing it.

Is this just a characteristic during very cold weather?

Do i accept it and look forward to a creak free spring and summer.

I don't want to waste my own time, nor that of the dealer; i must admit that i am becoming obsessive and paranoid over any creak or rattle that i hear.

Any thoughts


The Sat Nav DVD disc i have is 2004 - 2005 Vers. 2

Has there been an upgrade, if so, does anybody know how much for an up to date disc.


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