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  1. Happy Birthday P4UL T!

  2. A nice guy, will be missed. RIP Mate
  3. All this Toyota business in the news at the moment reminded me of this, Anyone think this could of been a related fault?
  4. It changed at some point, cant remember when tho. So your both right
  5. My 2002 GS300 SE had gear change buttons on the front and back of the wheel
  6. I once made enquires with a Toyota dealer that had a hire department. They said they could supply all the current Lexus and Toyota models for hire, so maybe worth a ring around?
  7. I would say a good 2-3 months too. It was one of those smalls that you thought you could taste. I also did not block holes until all sign of rodents was gone, but unfortunately I have solid maple flooring in my front room which I also could not take up :(
  8. Wonder why it is for sale again so quickly?
  9. Used to be a Bank Manager Now I drive other peoples cars up and down the country
  10. Hey, Barking Rd, Canning town / Rathbone market
  11. Ouch, I would prob get it tho, I would be lost without one
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