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Stereo Insurance

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I was jsut wondering if anyone had ever splashed out on seperate insurance for their stereo gear?

I am teetering on the brink of transplanting my old gear into my IS, and I realised that whilst my old car was a battered wreck with no alarm, it just didn't look like a car that had £1000+ of gear in it and thus never attracted much attention. The IS, however, does, and my normal insurance only covers me for stock gear.

Any idea of prices, etc?

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Thats a shame my insurance covers me for £1000 ICE :)

Which is just enough for me :)

Best thing to do would be to tint your windows to the legal limit so as to make it harder for anyone to see in and make sure you lock your doors :)

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most fully comp insurence cmpanies cover up to £500 as standard but thats only for stock equipment like baldylocks said but if you was to buy a standard 200 sterio from lexus brand new it would probley cost nearly as much as an aftermarket sterio?

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