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Adding An Fm Modulator To Is200

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Hey people,

Fistly, hello to you all. Im a newbie to this forum but have already read many useful messages, so thanks.

I have an Is200 SE on a 2000 (W) plate and surprise, surprise, I have the dreaded ERROR3 message. :sad: I am aware there is no easy fix to this problem, So my solution is as follows:

I have bought a sony fm modulator which connects to a 6 disk MP3 changer.

However, to fit this modulator i simply need to connect to a switched live, perminant live and a negitive. I have located a wiring diagram, which suggests the following:

Grey is switched live...

Blue/Yellow is permanent live...

I have removed the stereo and can't see any wires with the colour markings listed above.

Please can someone confirm if these colours are correct? if NOT please can someone let me know the correct colours.

apologies if this has been posted before.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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