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Anyone Replaced Bonnet Lock Mechanism?

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Hi folks,

Have any of you with MK2's replaced the bonnet latch mechanism yet?

I read on other sites it can be a common problem on older GS's as well so looks like a design flaw, basically a ball bearing knackers up or something in the cable that connects the latch in the car to the lock mechanism on the bonnet and it sticks so the bonnet won't shut.

It usually fixes itself though if you're doing about 40 and do an emergency stop or alternatively just leave it 24 - 48 hours and then you can shut it again.

Been having a look through the EPC and found the following details for the cable itself:


53630‑30250 JZS16* 1 $30.32

Is this all that requires replacing do any of you know please? Put an image below so you can see all the bits

Thanks in advance!


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Just bouncing this as it's all fixed now!

It was indeed the cable that had developed a fault - when it was off the car you could see that it wasn't happy pulling either way as it had twisted somehow!

The new one is in and has been rerouted a more direct route than standard to help prevent it kinking in future.

Part number required is the one mentioned on my first post - 53630‑30250 - and it's under £25 from Lexus / Toyota themselves :)

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Had mine replace a few years ago. If I remember correctly, there are some anti-tamper bolts on a cover (theft prevention) that are difficult to get off to gain access and would have to be replaced.

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Not sure about those mate, they never mentioned anything?

Maybe that was something they put on the UK models to meet Thatcham? Will ask them on Saturday when I'm back there :)

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