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  1. I had a TPMS issue when I got the car (the spare wheel had been removed) so did some digging then into TPMS sensors - are you getting the TPMS warning every 20 minutes or so when driving then? In my 2006 LS460 the sensors are PMV-107J sensors - TPMS Warehouse list the Huf below as a compatible part: Each sensor has a battery status and unlike the sensors in the Merc I picked up recently they don't go to sleep when the car is stopped meaning they're always broadcasting every 62 seconds or so. Each sensor has a unique ID and these are programmed into the TPMS computer in the car, this can be done cheaply with something like the Carista OBD-2 dongle and their accompanying phone app. The TPMS ECU stores 5 sensors from memory - the 4 on the car and then the spare. You can also check the status of your TPMS sensors very cheaply using what is called a Software Defined RAdio (SDR) USB stick and software such as RTL_433 ( With the prices they're quoting you may be better off with the above to work out how many sensors are showing a battery status of Low and then replace those as needed, the link below is the adaptor I used: I'm currently playing with an RTL-SDR v3 and that will also do the job:
  2. I can't edit that post but I just remembered the full numberplate and it is listed as bronze - I'd definitely have that colour!
  3. Funny you say that, as I was walking home after the school run a brand new 19 plate dark coloured LS with LEX as the last three letters and it did look lovely.
  4. I don't think mine has ever been fast but I have the same disk - I just tend to use my TomTom Go app on the phone as it has the traffic etc and drive around with the map on the screen. Silly question but did they send you a copy or the genuine disk? This was the buyer I went for: I'll have to test mine out and see how it fares and I can always pop a video up so you can compare. Maybe it's a laser wear issue in the unit, although it must be caching it somewhere. The US cars had the HDD for music as well but I don't think that came to the UK unit a year or two after yours but I'm not 100% sure on the year. If you insert a CD Audio does it offer to rip it or allow you to copy MP3s from a CD-R locally as if so you do have the HDD. If you go into the service menu of the headunit that will give you some error codes and maybe one of those may help. Maybe it's worth trying the original disk again to see if it suddenly speeds up. I'm guessing you've checked for scratches and cleaned the new disk? I have had my battery disconnected a few times though, as I swapped it over when fault finding back when I got the car.
  5. Enjoy the new car - for reference it may be worth investing in a Carista OBD dongle and then with their paid app you can reset TPMS issues and / or register new sensors yourself for much less than the dealer charge 🙂
  6. I bought mine on the proviso it would get through an MoT and the cloudy headlights were flagged up on there even when it passed. I used the 3M headlight restoration kit on mine which I did a while ago and then ordered the 3M clear coat wipes which I finally got around to doing yesterday and they have really finished the job off nicely. The headlight restoration kits are great for just sprucing older cars up a bit
  7. My stepdad is German and he's never really been a fan of Lexus either - he did used to love and drive Ford's like the Sierra Cosworth back in the day and then had a VW Golf estate for years through his work which went all over Europe with minimal fuss. A few years after I had the IS and then the Aristo I bought a Passat as a stopgap and at the time he went through a couple of 320ds and he was impressed by the Passat. He did comment at the time that a lot of German's drive VWs and that it's seen as the national brand of Germany - he does have an E class at his place in Germany though for when he's there but says he prefers the VW and only bought the Merc as it was sold via the family to him for a low price. Fast forward a bit, I had a Passat CC GT that I did 110k in and really loved and he's a few Passat Estates in and mostly loves them but they certainly have had their own quirks. After the CC I went down the Volvo XC90 D5 route which is about as good a family car as you'll ever find (it's just a pain in the arse in most car parks due to it's large size) but otherwise it's brilliant in all weathers. My stepdad really doesn't like the Volvo though. I'm 40 now with 2 kids and that's one car you can easily fill with prams, changing bags, and yet still go to Costco and fit a full shop in the boot with cubby holes for wine bottles etc in the back 😄 I got a high milage LS460 as a motorway cruiser with comfort in mind and to keep the miles down on the Volvo. I had a few shocks initially when the radar cruise module failed after it was serviced and that cost me a lot to get sorted but I've got to admit I've cleaned it today and love it in a different way to the Volvo - it just wafts along and you have the great Mark Levinson system in there. 70km a day is going to cost a fair whack compared to what you would be spending in say a 2 litre modern diesel but no car of any brand is perfect and the LS is a very nice place to spend that time. My commute is a 160 mile round trip so I just tend to drive down one day, spend a night in a hotel and then drive back the next day when I'm done. I'm carrying a couple of injuries these days so wanted something easy to drive and the LS ticks those boxes nicely - at the end of the day you'll be the one driving it so spend the time in whatever makes you happy.
  8. I've got the Einszett version in the garage so I'll dig it out - sounds like it's still the best type of product to use after all these years thank-you both 👍
  9. Are any of you using anything like Einszett Gummi Pflege on the door seals or other silicone lube etc to keep the door rubbers in good shape through winters? I guess waxing the body where the rubbers meet it would help too. When we had the cold snap earlier this week all of the doors on my LS460 were frozen shut, we got to about -6c where I am and it probably didn't help the car took the brunt of freezing winds off the moors. Also one of the plastic door trim pieces physically debonded from the door frame when I tried to open it - not sure if that's a common problem seen here before but I'm going to replace the trim part when it warms up a bit (no point fixing it for now). I've had to change the additive in the washing bottle as it froze solid and took 1h 45 mins on a journey before the washers were working again, seemed to take forever compared to my Volvo which from everything I've experienced so far is better designed for the freezing weather. I'm just wondering if there are any good cold weather tips for the LS please - engine wise it was fine but getting in was a challenge on Wednesday!
  10. If you sign up for the My Lexus part of the Lexus website and then register your vehicle via the VIN you will be able to access a history of work done each time the car was at a dealer: Register your car there and then scroll down and on the right you'll see Service History - a bit further down you'll then see Full History which will take you to a page listing any work done at a dealers.
  11. Blimey I'm amazed you found a car park in Buxton as quiet as that looks at this time of year 👍 There's a very similar LS400 I see parked up near the football ground in Guiseley a lot, that also looks in very good condition for the age and not sure whether the owner is on here.
  12. Hi yes in mine I just swapped the disks, it showed an initial loading screen with a bar loading and then it's been fine since. I've got to admit I can't remember seeing Japanese writing but I wasn't taking that much notice - the American systems had the HDD and the non-HDD system is much easier to update without a dealer trip. Are there any scratches on the disk that you put in at all? Did it run at full speed on the old disk? Personally I do tend to use TomTom more on my phone but just wanted to get the system updated to show our home address (the old disk in the car didn't have it as it wasn't built then) so I couldn't set the home location. I always reset the systems when buying as a habit, it's mad how many people sell a car leaving their home address on the satnav systems.
  13. What problems did you have? I've got an XC90 D5 and it's been a superb family car for us - the only bad thing is it can be a pain in some car parks as it's too big so I have to go and shop elsewhere 🙂
  14. I was looking for a motorway muncher a while back to run alongside my Volvo AWD and after browsing Autotrader at various diesel VWs and Audis I ended up looking back at the world of Lexus and ended up with my 3rd. A quick update from my many years away from LOC - after selling the Aristo V300 due to getting a company car I ended up going through various hire cars from work (VWs, Peugeots, Vauxhalls, all sorts really). I bought a 2006 VW Passat and racked up over 60k in 6 months. I had a baby on the way at the time (6 years ago) and swapped the car for a VW Passat CC TDI GT which I drove all the way up to 200k before chopping in for the Volvo). Amusingly it took the wife over a week to realise I'd changed cars when I went from the Passat to the CC 😄 I live in the moors these days so bought a Volvo XC90 which has been flawless in bad weather wherever I've been, but unfortunately it triggers a shoulder injury I have from a few years ago and long drives (which I do a lot of) really take their toll. I fancied being back in a saloon so I get the best of both worlds - the Volvo for bad weather and shipping the kids around and I did a fair bit of reading and it seemed the LS460 was a pretty reliable motor assuming looked after properly which some hitting bonkers milage figures over in the USA and over here. I had traded in a 2008 VW Passat CC 2.0 TDI DSG last Christmas which hit 200k and was still like new inside and out - that was a great car and fared me well so I wasn't afraid of high milers. So I found one fairly cheap with ~140k miles which would be a nice easy intro back in the world of Lexus and help minimise shoulder problems for me. Full Lexus dealer service history with lots of parts replaced over the years including the seats replaced just 12 months ago and as part of the sale it had the usual issue with the control arms so I had those replaced and a clean MoT as part of the sale. I picked her up from SE London and it was a lovely trip home other than the TPMS warning flashing up on the dash all the way home, Luckily I had a Carista on hand so could see it was because the spare was missing and as the pressures were all ok I was happy to do the >200 mile drive back up North. All was fine and dandy until the car went in for a full service and geometry check at Lexus and it came back out with a PCS error which unfortunately took Lexus weeks to figure out working with Lexus GB and turned out to be the radar sensor failing while at the garage so it needed that replacing and the front Lexus badge. During that period I pretty much read the workshop guide cover to cover. On the plus side it didn't need the new brake disks or pads I'd bought so they've been put to one side. I've actually only had the car at home 4 weeks out of 8 weeks of ownership due to it being in the garage - it gets worse as this week it threw a brake pad warning when they all looked ok and turns out the cable at the loom side has been chopped off and the wires bodged to the other connector. It was fixed but while the garage had it they've damaged the front bumper on the yellow ramps so it's gouged to buggery as well as doing similar to the steering wheel which I'd only just sorted out 😕 FFS! They're not responding to my emails at the moment so I'm going to have to call in and see what they say - even more worrying was that there's a clip missing from the dashcam which suggests it was removed and then when they connected back up and took into the garage it was all talk of the car being "fast as f*ck" - hoping I won't be getting a ticket in the post soon and just proves you shouldn't trust feedback of a garage from Facebook these days. @abdallian will be very familiar with the car as he owned it previously which I'd pieced together from old posts before it went off to auction. In terms of work done since I've had it: New lower control arms 4 wheel geometry at Lexus Full major service at Lexus Latest 2017-2018 v2 E1G satnav disk New Yuasa Silver battery (I was trying to rule out voltage issues causing the PCS errors) Mixture of BG 44k and Shell V-Power to clear a couple of misfires logged on Techstream New front radar sensor (ouch!) New front Lexus emblem (picked up a spare I've got sat in the garage now too!) New spare wheel & toolkit (rolled my own TPMS scanner using an SDR I had sat here and used Carista to program it in). Lexus LED projection lights for the doors (the daughter loved the ones next door had on their new Peugeot so they were an eBay special) New clips to replace all the missing ones from years of removing the engine shields New uprated Osram Night Breaker Laser D4S HID bulbs (they need adjusting up still yet) Refreshed the headlight units with the 3M polishing kit and 3M clear coat New Lexus Sport LS460 gearknob from Japan as the old one was quite worn on the leather. Cleaned up the interior with Dr Leather products (they're excellent if you haven't used them before) A pass through with an odor bomb to remove smoke smell. Added a Raspberry Pi system for kids films for the daughter so she's got her own media setup Picked up some Lexus headsets (and it also works fine with third party headsets set to band A) Still to-do I've got a full deep clean valet booked in for January Get the wheels refurbished as they have the typical Lexus rot Get the paint tidied up - to be fair it was in pretty great condition for the age with marks on the bonnet and boot which look like a parking barrier has closed on it and now the front bumper has been mullered this week. I've been quoted £1k by a local guy with a great rep but he's fully booked until July 2019 😮 The car is showing a solar circuit issue which I think is the rear window demister as it's not the most efficient (it is 12 years old) Sort out a problem with a rear cabin temperature sensor I'm debating whether to fix the rust on the sunroof - it seems fairly common on the LS460 from what I've read. Thinking about a Grom V-Line 2 but hear mixed reports. I may just leave that alone and stick to media burned to disk as the factory Mark Levison system sounds amazing! A long post but pretty much covers the journey so far, it's been frustrating but touch wood things will settle down a bit now (please!) I've bought the full set of diagnostics since buying the car (I have a mistrust of garages from experiences over the years) so I always like to check that what they're telling me adds up. I started off with the cheap copy Mini VCI cable which turned out to be firmware 1.4.1 and couldn't handle various things so moved onwards and upwards through the VCX Nano and then finally a GTS OTC VIM which I've tested on up to the latest 2018 cars with the latest Techstream licensed from (not the hooky version). I also bought a Denso Intelligent Tester 2 with oscilloscope probes when trying to figure out the PCS error but that's overkill for my needs so I'll be getting rid of that at some point now I have a reliable Techstream up and running - for now it comes everywhere with me as I'm not quite confident it won't throw another random error - I've seen more engine lights than I care to with this one! Fingers crossed for a bit of stability going forwards now anyway 👍
  15. Unfortunately not but I did get some goodwill from both LGB and the dealer which brought the price down substantially - I needed the car back for work so didn't have time to explore other avenues unfortunately. I've just gotten it back again today as it had a brake pad wear sensor issue - touch wood I can get some milage out of it now 🙂