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  1. With the LS you want to be checking the suspension side of things as most I looked at were pending MoT failures needing work done (the one I bought needed some parts replacing). From the top of my head for the LS460: See if it's had a radiator replacement as I believe that can be a weak point Check for service history to ensure it's been looked after, ie oil changes & ATF changes etc Check the adaptive cruise control works - my radar sensor failed after a few weeks while in for a service and it cost over £2k to fix (that was after haggling down - initially the quote was over £5k!) If possible try and get an extended test drive as TPMS issues won't show for a minimum of 15 minutes (it may be even higher than that) - in my case the spare had been removed so I had to buy another spare and code the new sensor in. There's a video on Youtube showing how to access a hidden menu with error codes on the Mark Levinson system - luckily the only errors on mine were when unreadable disks were inserted but there have been reports of owners with faulty ML systems. May be this one If possible try and connect with Techstream or an Intelligent Tester 2 to read any active codes and see a list of faults the car may not be reporting on the dash Check the Nav and ensure it's functioning - newer disks are quite cheap on eBay. Check the HID lights are working ok - I usually replace the bulbs in mine anyway but there's a chance on an older car they've dimmed or have failed and will be flashing etc. There's probably plenty more but that's the first things I can think of!
  2. Wow that's an introduction! I hope you're recovering - my stepfather had similar a few years ago while in Germany and the aftercare there is very different to the UK. They sent him to a recuperation centre near Lake Constance and he had to spend a few months there with walks every day and eating healthier etc (to be fair he was healthy before but now even more so). All the best on your recovery and there aren't many more serene places to spend time on the road these days than an LS - a beautiful car that you have there to enjoy!
  3. Don't scare me but I did take out a 3 year warranty on it just in case. I bought the MB Xentry full diags and so far (touch wood) it's ok. I think it does possibly need a new accessory battery as the start / stop doesn't always kick in and that can be the battery getting weak. Saying that I haven't had the CTEK on it yet so that's a job for another day and if that doesn't fully solve it then I may replace it (it's just a bike sized battery in the boot used for when the car is stopped in start / stop mode). The MB system for working out when the engine can be cut involves something like 17 parameters so it may just be one of those isn't passing, ie if the aircon is set too cold then it will not let the engine cut out, similar if the AC is on and the passenger window is open. The maddest thing is auto hold. In my Passat it was fully auto. In the Lexus you just press the hold button on the wheel and it's auto. In the Mercs it turns out you come to a stop with a gentle press of the brakes and then when stopped fully press it and it turns hold on. I had to watch a few Youtube videos to finally master it and everytime someone mentions in on the MB forums loads of posters don't even know their car can do it 😄
  4. Interestingly while looking for that picture I noticed one of the other LS460s I went to look at near me in Halifax is showing as taxed, but with no MoT since Jan 2018 and no insurance so suggests they're still waiting to find someone to buy it and fix the suspension on that one almost one year one! Oh yes, it was refilled just before I bought it and still works brilliantly - when I moved the car earlier it had cooled down in the time I move it between two spaces on the drive. I just had the MB refilled last week actually as part of the GroupOn deal at ATS but tbh it was almost still full anyway. That's a 2015 on 120k now so thought it may have lost a bit more.
  5. This took some finding but it was the yellow headlight unit before the 3M process - the plastic is still like new now and I did these last October not long after having the car.
  6. I've dug the steam cleaner out so at some point I'm going to have a stab at those creases in the front seats as that's what Lexus have in the service manual to get rid of them 😉 IMHO it's in great nick for 146k miles and a 56 plate and still has more options that probably 80% of cars on the road today. That 3M headlight restoration kit made a big difference to the headlights as well, they really let the car down when I picked it up as they were yellowed but since I used the 3M kit along with 3M UV coating they've seemed much better. It's a shame the sun wasn't in the right angle today as I noticed that when it hits the front L badge you get a really nice rainbow effect (not sure if that's because it had the new badge and radar fitted last year). The B pillar seems to be a weak point on these, it's wearing the same on my Merc. I didn't get through much of the todo list - it had the full valet done but tbh I can do a better job given the time. Ironically the solar sensor in my MB is the same as the LS - it seems that at some point it's had a dealer sticker in the window and someone has taken something sharp to it so cut one of the bars, on the MB it was literally either side of the sticker 😕 The one thing the LS can't compete with is the MB headlights - the LS ones are potentially brighter as I fitted the best (at the time) bulbs, but the MB has intelligent LED lighting and it's bonkers and you can leave it on full beam and it decides when to activate / deactivate and will even turn off LEDs to black out the area of an oncoming car. I've only ever used them once due to summer but quite literally game changing and all cars will have them in ten years (or at least an option on the higher spec models).
  7. I never did get around to updating this thread - I had a bit of time so gave it a good cleaning today. I never did have any more issues after the first post and it's been the perfect motorway cruiser, I've never had a car drive so well and easily on the motorway or in fact in general. I've sold the Volvo and replaced that with a 2016 E Class estate (I've never tried an MB so figured I'd give them a go) and found one in a colour similar to my first ever IS (dark grey). Unfortunately as much as I love the LS it can't cope with a trip to Costco with a pram in the boot and then all the shopping the wife does along with the two kids (to be fair it was a squeeze in the Volvo and still tight in the E Class estate!) The sound system in the LS460 is better than the MB E Class Harmon Kardon system, you really notice it on the radio for some reason - I guess FM was much more of an in thing back in the day vs nowadays where everything seems streaming orientated. DAB where we live is always dropping out and FM sounds really weak in the MB. I think for whatever reason it doesn't go through all the DSP. Media from USB or SD or decent quality streaming all sound good and I've tried some 5.1 demo disks but they're a bit of a gimmick. The E Class is nice but you can definitely tell the LS is the next level up (I'll have to try an S Class at some point now!) So pic wise let me finally get some up many months later 🙂
  8. PZ445-LCDEN-07 might be what you're after - 08664-50821 is what I entered on the URL above to get that. It's not cheap though so worth confirming with Lexus before ordering - is it working without the map CD? I think that's from 2007.
  9. Blimey I didn't realise how rare these were - the last update I see mention of briefly is from 2007 - a lot of the sites that used to sell these are long gone. They're not even listed in one of the forums I use that sometimes has part numbers listed. It may be worth seeing if Lexus have one that's been sat on a shelf for years - failing that maybe if someone here has one they could give you the part number as a base for the search? I'm just looking on and if you go to LS430 and then all the way to the right it has Lexus CD listed, but it needs the second half of the part number - not sure if that is your system or whether the CD system made it into the early LS430 too? Looking at the online EPC it lists the part number of the CD unit in the boot - 86841-50050, but says the CD is listed under accessories which aren't in that online EPC. The quest continues!
  10. It might be worth popping the existing disk out to see what part number is on there and then taking it from there - you can normally pick up genuine disks from eBay cheaply these days. Sometimes you can even download an ISO image, burn a copy to a high quality CD-R and use that but with the age of the laser it may require a genuine pressed CD to be able to read it.
  11. If it's ever been to a Lexus dealer it should - has to be worth a go 🙂
  12. It's straight off - click the small icon at the top right of the head and shoulders and it will get you to register if you haven't already. You may be able to go straight to Once in just add your vehicle details (I had to do it via the VIN from memory) and then it will add the car. Once it's on you go to Vehicle Information and then there will be a Service History tab with everything listed under there. If you click each item it will expand with more detail.
  13. That is a pain - when I had the Aristo that was on the V5 purely as Toyota Saloon, which used to cause no end of bother at MoT tests and so on as they couldn't look it up on their systems as they moved to computerised. Maybe Lexus could help if you dropped them an email? I've got a similar issue with the engine power on an E Class I picked up recently in that what's on the V5 is different power output than the Mercedes Me system so I don't actually know what it is. You'd think Mercedes would have the correct info from the VIN. It's not a big difference, 125kw vs 130kw, but they sneaked in a spec change to go from twin turbo to single turbo and it's a pain to get remapped as the mappers have files for the twin version which drives like a dogs dinner on my car. It's only a 2.2L diesel but these days you'd think info like that is key for emissions purposes (I'll have to check if they're charging me too much tax thinking of it although even at 130kw it's £135 from memory - unlike the LS :D)
  14. Have you checked the My Lexus area of the website - if you register your VIN there it will let you see everything that ever happened when the car was at a dealers? You may find some surprises in there - I got more info from there than the stack of paperwork that came with my car with some good bonuses like the radiator having been replaced etc which I understand can be a weak point.