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Supra Twin Turbo

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Well my IS200 although the best car i have ever driven is annoying me more and more due to its extremely poor performance, for the amount of fuel it drinks the power output is not in the slightest bit justified.

So the search for a new car has begun, have been looking at chasers, soarers and the like but prices of the cars, availability and insurance limit me with these.

I used to get a quote on N/A supra and it reported back to me at around the £900 - £1000 mark.

I used the same details on an L reg supra twin turbo, by its number plate, also marked on the details as a japanese import and the insurance worked out at £776 a year?! Thats only £76 more than i pay now! Surely that cant be right? Of course, im not going to complain about it, i just couldnt understand how double the power, an extra litre, 2 turbos and 6 insurance groups up than mine and for only £76!

So... anybody ever owned a supra? Anything to look out for? I guess they are just as reliable if not more so than the IS200?

Cheers, Stu.

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Sky Insurance are the official insurer for the club and we insure more Mkiv Supras than any other UK insurer.

The price difference is down to the claims/loss ratio associated with each particular vehicle.


Sky Insurance

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I got a quote on a supra i'm 23 with 1years NCB and had a quote of £580 for a UK spec TT and then just under £900 for a import :) did that with confused and think elephant/admiral came out best on this one, but I would defo give Ollie a shout at Sky

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