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Hi. i'm looking into changing my wheels and tyres. While surfing around trying to get to grips with this science which is new for me I discovered a site with a great lill app that'll help get the correct wheel/size.

I'm editing this post because I found a site that'll allow you to calulate the diff in speed mixing and matching wheels and tyres will make to the speed of the car. I'm also posting my findings. I hope it'll be of interest to someone.

My original size: 225/60/16 speed rating W load 97


255/55/17 diff in diameter 1.42% too slow @60 real 60.9

255/50/17 “ “ 2.14% too fast @60 real 58.7

225/55/17 “ “ 3.2% too fast @60 real 58.1

225/50/17 “ “ 6.4% too fast @60 real 56.2

235/55/17 “ “ 1.6% too fast @60 real 59

245/55/17 “ “ 0.1% too fast @60 real 60

225/50/18 “ “ 2.8% too fast @60 real 58.3

235/50/18 “ “ 1.4% too fast @60 real 59.2

Naturally there will be other size options not listed above.

info source:


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