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Mk 2 Dash Gone Down... Need Help Asap!

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Hi Again....

Using my Dads car for a few days while im getting settled in Uni down in Oxford went to a lecture in it came back had lunch went to go to another lecture and tried to start the car dash lights came on then all went dead. Openend the bonnet and fiddle with the Battery cable which was loose so tightened it and had juice again, had to wait the 6mins for the immobiliser then started the car and off I went only to notice that non of the dials where illuminated and werent moving.

The car had a problem when it was bought 3 years ago where the dash wasnt working but this was fixed by an electrician for £40 and was some solder or wiring on the circuit board that had shorted.... something along thoes lines anyway.

First thing first, Is there any fuses specifically for the dash lights and dials?

My problem is that im 220miles from home with non of my tools and have no idea where to begin with removing this dash, Ive had alot of experiance with more basic cars and am trained mechanic but where do you start with such a complex looking dash, every clip/screw is hidden and my lack of tools is gonna hinder me some what.

Any one with any information? Any Ideas? or Local that could assist with the fix, or know a good place local to take it!? I cant afford to take this to a garage and have them charge me £200 labour for a job I could normally do with the right tools :(

Thanks Guys!


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not sure if there are any fuses to check.somebody here should be able to help.instrument clusters pop up on ebay now and then .maybe worth a look although your milage would be different.there is a walk through on here on how to remove the dash .g luck

Thanks for the quick reply.... between the time I posted and now I have already fixed it lol, Found a link on how to take the instrument cluster out took it to peices and found several corroded connections, cleaned them up with a nail file and put it back together and now its fixed :S pretty random but im happy it was a cheap fix.... and only used a pen knife! lol

Thanks again!


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