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Replacing Discs (Ebc)


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Hi All,

Sorry if people have answered these questions already...need to replace discs and pads all round, car is at 70K and after inspecting the discs/pads all round they definitly need replacing, anyway my local mechanic who I've used for years did the rear discs and pads for £235 - does that seem a reasonable price? I'm guessing it will be a similar price for the fronts if not more?

It's going in for front discs and pads next week but I was debating buying some EBC discs, would this be ok considering I've just had standard discs fitted on the rear? Was thinking it's more crucial on the front to have high performance discs. Also anything else I need bear in mind using EBC discs?

Also can I use standard pads on the EBC discs as I heard that the green stuff pads wear quickly.

Advice much appreciated!

Kind Regards, H

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Hey mate, thanks for the reply. How do red stuff pads fair up for every day use?

Will standard pads work with the discs also?

Also do you think this will be ok bearing in mind I've just had standard discs and pads fitted on the rear....

Thanks again. Harmeet

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I find the red stuff fine on the roads for everyday use, Ive had mine for about a year and they are still holding up fine and I drive like a boy racer lol. I have yellow stuff on my type R and they are very good they are more for track racing, but I find very good still for everyday use and the stoppage is awesome. I would imagine you could use standard pads with the discs I dont see why not, Im not sure about your rears being differnt to the front I would think the discs dont matter to much as for the pads im not sure I always like to keep my stuff the same otherwise I replace the whole lot but thats just me.

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