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me again,

if a car had been previously supercharged and then the charger was took out and now the car is for sale, would that still be ok? would it put anyone off buying it?

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Should be ok- I guess you would want to know if any other mods were done? You don't want to end up with a thrashed IS200.

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It would not nesacerally put me off buying it completely however if there was a simaler one that have never been charged i would prefer that one.

My biggest concern after the possible extra stress the engine has seen would be marks inside the car from gauges etc that tend to get fitted.

In my opinion it would be more diffecult to sell and the buyer would want to use this as a lever to knock the price.



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well im buying it off someone off here, its sheeldzy's (sheeldzy if you read this im in no way moaning so please dont take offence)

the car is in great nick with not a huge amount of miles. i didnt know it had been charged until i read it on a post on here and just worried me, didnt know it affects the car in anyway, like kam said, i dont wanna end up with a thrashed one

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