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First of all - I have no association/interest in JEM - heard of them via this forum and I now want to share my experience with you all. On Monday I took my LS400 to have the brake pads (all around) replaced - unfortunately I am not good with a wrench, so.... On arrival I was greeted by one of the service managers (I later realized that had I been Japanese I might have been greeted by the attractive Japanese lady instead of the entirely pleasant Englishman)- the work to be done and cost were confirmed, I was told when the car would be ready, offered the use of the upstairs waiting lounge and given an idea of nearby points of possible interest. I adjourned to the waiting area complete with TV (albeit at the time in Japanese), drinks machine, newspapers, etc., and most importantly a large window overlooking the bays where the servicing/repairs were being done - I certainly appreciate being able to see (even if I don't understand) the work in progress. The car was tested and ready at the appointed time but for the wash (which was offered - I declined because of time limitations. They also did the usual health check (as Lexus does) and advised me of their findings which, but for one item, were in complete agreement with Lexus. Finally, the painful part - £203 as against the +£400 quoted by Lexus. I certainly will be going back there as/when needed. I am beginning to experience the dashboard troubles familiar to LS400 owners - Jem say they can do repairs on this.

Have a nice weekend!

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