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Hello again!

I know it's been a while since my last post (over three years I think), but as you guys are the recognised world authority on all things Lexus, I would very much like your opinion on something.

Last week I replaced my trusty old GS 300 with a shiny new GS 450h, I love it; *but*, I'm really not getting on with the rims. I know they are bespoke for the hybrid and all, but I just think they are far too fussy.

My question is, can anyone recommend or suggest a set of replacement wheels which are cleaner and less "bling" than the standard set? I'm happy to go up in diameter as long as I can keep the rolling diameter the same.

Many thanks in advance,

Danielle x

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Maybe a bit late in adding a reply **BUT**

I have same wheels and they are well admired.Would not change them.

Suggestion unbolt the chrome inserts take to a wheel refurb and

have the chrome painted to match wheels.

Not expensive,less bling and still have nice wheels.

Keep an eye on wheels for corrosion i have had two replaced along with 14 spokes

all under warranty at 20,000 miles.

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Totally agree about the GS450H rims, not a fan myself!!

I'm LED to believe that you can get the baranusa alloys for the GS, if that's the case then i would recommend these. We had them on our IS250 and they look fantastic!

Also - as above keep an eye on the corrosion, i think two of ours are looking poor and will be getting checked over!


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