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Aircon Not Draining


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Can anyone advise me on how to stop my aircon draining water into the car. I have an IS220 (2006) and when I run the aircon, water collects in the bottom of the plastic housing connecting the fan to the vents and eventually drains out through the footwell airvents. When the car is stationary the water continues to build up but does not leak out, so I don't think I have a leaky evaporator housing. As soon as I corner or switch the fan on high speed the water floods into the car again.

I am assuming the evaporator drain in the wheel arch is blocked as no water drips out of it? I have tried pumping air from a large cylinder bicycle pump through it as well with no effect.

I have stripped out the carpets to dry them and removed the glovebox area for better access to the fan and lower vents but cannot find the drain hose coming into the car to see if it is blocked or disconnected.

Everything I see on the forum suggests a dashboard pull but I can't believe this is the only solution?

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

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The drain hole for the heater box is directly under the heater box itself. The water leaves through 2 small flaps and is directly above the gearbox. This is most certainly blocked, the weight of the water should force the flaps apart allowing the heater box to drain but yours must be stuck together.

This is also a major cause of smelly A/C as the the trapped water then becomes stale.

The only way to cure this is to get the heater box removed which is a pretty big job and you will see the black sticky patch which has the problem flaps. You could modify the flaps (cut them out or larger). If its out of warranty it could be costly.

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