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Power Steering


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Hi Guys.

I have an awful squealing from either my power steering pump or water pump.

The problem is that i can't tell which.This is after installing a new aux drive belt.

The only indication that it may be the p/s pump is that when i spray wd40 into the pump drive

wheel the noise goes away until i drive off then the noise returns.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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Try changing the PS fluid.

I had a similar problem and this helped mine.

Have a look at the fluid in the resevoir and smell it. If it is not red/pink colour and smells burnt it will benefit from being changed.

The squeeling noise I had turned out to be part of the exhaust heat shield touching moving parts of a front wheel somewhere.

I was convinced my ps pump had failed but was proven very wrong.

The ps pump is pretty bomb proof and its really only the bearings that go and my mechanic tells me that they can be rebuilt at a cost far less than a replacement.

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