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Yet Another Newbie To The Ranks :)


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Hi all, My first post on here so thought I would add it to the correct place :)

Thought I would come and join (the forum at least for now) some like minded people on this owners club! Not read much on here but pretty much every car i've owned I've been on an owners club(except my fiesta :blush: ), so this is my latest :)

Bought my 06 GS450h SE-L a little over 2 weeks ago now, Still don't think ive grown a custom to all the toys on it yet! I'm absolutely in love with it! Probably the best car i will ever own! I used to work as a spanner monkey at Mercedes-Benz a few years ago and ive driven the likes of S class', SL's,CL's ect and I still swear this is 1 of the nicest ive driven! Absolutely cracking bit of kit!

Its done 97k with full lexus service history and I cant fault it! Only part im worried about is its due a service at 98600miles and I have a feeling its not going to be cheap! Ive never had a car stealer serviced before as working for 1 I couldnt see the point! I would like to keep this car with full history and tip top condition hence I would like to take it to lexus for dealer servicing!

Does anyone know how much (Ball park figure) a 100k Service on a GS450h and what parts it includes, Being a fully qualified technician myself I can do the service myself but I want the stamp in the book :)

Should there be any issues I should look out for with my pride any joy and any known problems with anything that i should be weary of?

Any help much appreciated!

Hope you lot can help a fellow lexus owner out :)



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