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Hi all,

Well my subwoofer is destroyed

Loud popping/farting is all I get from the back of the car now, which intermittently cuts off for 10-15 mins before farting for 5

Does anybody know how much this is going to set me back? What the parts numbers are, are there alternatives? anyone selling a used one?

Will I need to replace the amp too?

I think I know how to get to the back shelf (same as old IS, seat bottom, seat back, lift cover, 4 bolts) how do i get to the amp (i think bottom right in the boot??)

Help us LOC you are our only hope

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Hi All,

Just got off the phone with Lexus, £399.80 for the speaker (86160 0W D80) and £1400 for the amp

... that is crazy

someone do me a deal!

Also does anyone know the ohmage on the existing speaker? I could always try and track down an OEM to wire in (my old IS was 2ohm on all speakers)

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I blew my subwoofer twice in my previous IS220d. Luckily it was under warranty. They seem to be quite delicate to be honest. Regarding the specs of the sub, just search on this forum as I think this has been asked previously (by another user who blew theirs). You don't need to replace the amp by the way, just the sub.

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DEWSBURY AUTO SALVAGE LTD (01924 466666) gave me a quote and sorted me out,

£100 for the speaker (£250 for the amp if i need it) and they had 4 more sets available

Spoke to Tony, he actually knew what he was talking about.

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My car is with Lexus Guildford today, again for the same problem.. the sound doesnt fade towards the rear speakers ... so may be the amp or the sub is blown ... luckily the ML audio is covered under the extended warraty ... so hoping no big bills ... fingers crossed ... i will let you know how much it would have costed at the dealer later when i pick the car up today...

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