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Ive recently bought a GS300SE , the care is in good condition apart from the fact its last owner smoked. Not only is the interior of the car smelling but the drivers mirror is discoloured in one of the corners (new lense on order). Ive given the car a good clean out including the headlining , interior lights and switches and the smell has eased a quite bit - strangley enough the boot was by far the worst - it was foul.

Apart from getting it professionaly valeted ,which is next on my list, Im wondering if its worth changing the pollen filter?

Anybody got any other ideas?

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Clean the headliner, I bet that hasn't been done and that traps alot of the stink!Maybe the previous owner kept his stinky smoked fill jackets in the boot?

Many dealers use what's called a 'smoke bomb' to remove the smell. There like a fogger in a can, its a total release aerosol that is put in the car released and left to do its work, however they normally only mask the smell for a short while.

But this is supposed to be really good:

Another area to clean out is the steering column plastic shrouding, ash can falls behind it leaving a cigarette smell, also pull the drivers door card off as well, and if possible the area behind the ashtray.

Also definately change the pollen filter and spray in the recirculation bit whilst the heaters are on and then turn it off and onto recirc and spray into pollen filter too.

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