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Rough Gear Changes, Manual Transmission


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Hi guys! I bought a second hand 2007 IS220d a year ago and I had this problem since I bought it: when taking off and changing from 1st -> 2nd -> 3rd with the engine rev-ed a bit (around 3000 rpm) I feel a shock when releasing the clutch like all the torque is put down at once. If I change very carefully(granny style) and not rev the car, I can manage to get smooth changes more often, but then the car feels very sluggish. Also the shifter is hard to put in the first 2 gears and reverse. I had the clutch kit changed about 2 weeks ago, and the behavior was even worse (the shock was event grater when changing gears), but now it started to return to how it was in the first place.

Does anyone else experienced the same symptoms? Can this be from the dual mass flywheel? I read that one of the symptoms when the dmf is failing, is a loud noise at idle that goes away when stepping on the clutch pedal, but I don't have that noise.

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Sounds like it's the DMF on it's way out.

Try altering your driving style so that instead of just lifting off the accelerator immediately, you level it out - i.e. keep the revs flat for a 1/2 sec and then press the clutch.

(e.g. accelerate to 2500 rpm then hold it there before pressing the clutch). Make sure you lift off the gas then press the clutch - the arrangement of the pedals makes this more difficult than you would think. Examine and analyse this. Sometimes you press the clutch before lifting off the gas due to the pedal arrangement (clutch is high and gas is low!)

I believe it's the worn springs not reacting to the massive abrupt change in torque. If you do the above then it handles it better (has more time to adjust).

Please let us know if it works for you. It has for me, but ultimately it's a DMF change and possibly a propshaft gasket if you get the cruise control resume 'thunk' too.

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Thanks for the reply! I'm said to hear that my guess was right. The Lexus DMF is way to expensive compared to other manufacturers in the same class (for ex a BMW 320 LUK DMF together with a clutch kit on eBay is half the price of a Lexus DMF alone) and that I don't understand; maybe it's the lack of competition (I think only LUK makes it). I guess I will wait until it runs out completely and get the most miles out of it, hopefully some other manufacturers will decide to make flywheels for this car.

I thing you may be right about the gear changing technique. I will try what you said and get back.

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