Is200 2001 Replacement Back Box Recommendations?

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My rear silencer has parted company with the rest of the exhaust do i need a replacement.

I was toying with a nice stainless steel performance system but having driven the car with effectively no rear silencer for 20 miles i have decided to just replace it with a standard item.

There are a couple of very cheap ones on ebay does anybody have any experience of these or have any other recommendations?


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I've got a cheap one that is sold on ebay from a company in Lichfield. Can't remember the name now. It's around the £50 mark anyway. I'm really pleased with it. It comes with a polished tip and sounds nice and deep too. Mine has got 140k on the clock and quite tatty, so couldn't be bothered to buy anything expensive.

Only thing was, I had to give the hangers a little bend on it to get it to sit perfectly, but that's often the case with aftermarket exhausts.

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Is your exhaust still holding up well? Any pics of it fitted please? They look almost too good to be true.

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