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    Dear j henderson Thank you for that information it has worked so much for the lexus service manager telling me this was not available on this model Thanks again
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    This is an ex-member who constantly tried to sell on the LOC but without being a paid up member of the Gold Membership club, Because of his behaviour, we won't allow posts that lead to adverts for his cars which always have the same story attached to them. Many thanks, Mike.
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    Tez, You have been asked not to break the club T&C's, you obviously feel that they don't apply to you as you keep breaking them despite being asked not to. This is why your posting abilities have been suspended. Fact is, we are a friendly bunch but the other fact is, is that you appear not be be able to listen when told/asked to desist from attempting to sell when you're not entitled to. Therefore your suspension will stay in place until we see fit that you can manage to adhere to the terms & conditions of membership
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    Welcome to the Lexus forums olumite :)

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