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    I always start by turning anything threaded the opposite way, and feeling for the slight click as the thread locates, before switching direction to tighten.
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    I find a lenght of rubber tubing of the correct diameter is useful for inserting the new pugs and starting them off without the fear of cross threading. Push the tubing over the plug nipple,lower the plug into the aperture then twist the tubing to start the threads,once started simply pull off the tubing and tighten to the correct torque with the plug socket.
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    Just a tip on a handy tool I made to help get the crank bolt off and on easy on the LS400. Bought a very large 46 mm open end wrench ( bought for 10£ ) and drilled two 8 mm holes to fit the 8 mm holes in the damper . Fitted two M8 screws + 2 nuts. Screw thread sticking out ca 25 mm . bild 2.jfif
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    Great post Monocle. Saved me a lot of time and money. My injector came out after 40 mins of gentle persuasion so not to bad. Found best way for me was to get it turning first by lots and lots of gentle tapping with a hammer and socket extension. Then levered up slowly with a large screw driver. Only caveat I would add was don't tighten fuel lines till everything aligned properly. Apart from that thanks again.
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    Had struts from SGS and they failed after a week, had them re-gassed at SGS and they failed again within six months. SGS would not issue a refund so had to purchased genuine replacements from Lexus. Beware of cheap parts they are not always the best way to go.
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    Great guide and thanks for taking the time to do it. However, for those who aren't quite so handy or just don't want to take the risk of damaging the ball, if you can do without using the tailgate for a couple of days, you can send your old struts to SGS and they will take off the brackets, refurb and paint them and place them on your new struts before sending them out to you. I paid £94.76 for two new struts with my own refurbed brackets attached.
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    Nice one, thank you for taking the time and trouble to post your tutorial.
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    Any reason I can't see the guide? I can only see before and after pixs?
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    im going to do this now. Thank you
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    Excellent. Adding photos very helpful. How much is k and n compare oe price
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    Sorry...had no idea this question was here. Only just saw this. You are right, its a press and pull apart a bit like the headlight bulb connector
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    Please advise on how to remove the wired connection on the left hand side of the plastic collar that covers the battery? It seems by pressing it should slide off however no luck.
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    Original Thread is at: http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=53085

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