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  1. Aye, that's what he had. I had a Civic TypeR (EP3), that ran it close, but it was so much fun, I didn't care.
  2. Rwd v Fwd, is the answer to the lock question, along with wider tyres. My mate changed his beloved K reg, rwd, Volvo estate, for a fwd D5 estate. He had it for six years, and never stopped moaning about it being a royal pain in the arse to park at Tesco, compared to his old one.
  3. Don't know if you got your door fixed, but this one just dropped in my inbox, described as burgundy in listing, LS400 being broken. Link HERE
  4. I think the only way to be 100% safe, is to buy with a warranty, though it would need to be a good one. Failing that, as Phil said, a really thorough test drive, with a check of fluid levels and condition, before and after.
  5. In fairness though, he has already had one 430 go down the pan, due to transmission failure, so he's entitled to be a bit careful.
  6. Realistically, gearbox failure would write most of these cars off, unless you are able to do your own repair work.
  7. I think you are way off with this post, I can see no connection between the water pump and the autobox failure, whereas the rad problem is well known, on the 430 and other Toyota group vehicles.
  8. I was considering one a few years back, in fact I think I started a thread like yours. In the end, the prices for anything half decent, put me off, particularly as, like you, I don't really need many of it's considerable abilities. Edited to add the link to my old thread HERE
  9. Wipers on to clear water, as soon as ice has thawed, rear screen as well, if fitted. Side windows I just pour it on, but I suppose you could squeegee them dry if required.
  10. Warm water for me too, environmentally friendly, doesn't harm paint or rubber, warms the screen, so no misting inside and, it's free. I was always afraid of cracking the screen, but in the 80s, a mate of mine had contracts with main dealers, in Harrogate Yorkshire, dewaxing new cars on delivery. He used an industrial strength steam cleaner, and voiced concerns about using it on very cold Yorkshire winter mornings, the dealers told him to carry on, and they'd sort any breakages. He did hundreds of vehicles without a problem, and I've been using warm water ever since.
  11. I agree with the above post, transmission failure would probably write the car off, for me. Suspension would make my eyes water a bit, but I'd bite the bullet and replace the lot with conventional struts, which should be a one off solution. Fixing one corner wouldn't work for me, I'd just be waiting for the next one to go pop. I'd also replace the radiator immediately after buying a 430, again, for peace of mind.
  12. One s/h, looks to be for the earlier models and one (or more?) new one for the later cars, links below. Link1 Link2