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  1. From Amayama a 2 key and chip set is £432.00 plus shipping, this may also attract import duties and VAT on top!
  2. If you can still get them from Lexus they come as a set, normally 2 keys and the chip, I’ll take a look for you.
  3. When you get it out open the casing and look inside for a burnt out resistor on one edge of the board.
  4. If you have checked all the fuses in the engine bay and under the dash you have probably damaged the “Integration Relay” unit, this in a green casing attached to the back of the under dash fuse board. Access to it and removal is an absolute pain. The reason I know this.......I did exactly the same with LED bulbs and blew mine up......the good news.....I repaired my unit Link below shows the relay
  5. Many years ago I was shunted onto the M1 motorway by a HGV who cut across my lane on a roundabout. My insurers also tried a 50/50 liability claim but I objected, telling them that I would not accept this outcome. A week later the 3rd party was deemed wholly at fault. Contact your insurer, request copies of any correspondence from the 3rd party and reject the 50/50 outcome. Also as suggested buy a dash cam.
  6. It turns out the the sonic boom heard this morning over London was in fact 2 RAF Tornados intercepting another aircraft with communication problems, it was not as previously thought Bradley in Tyne and Wear welding next to an LPG tank. 😀 Good work Bradley, regarding the thumping noises I would consider replacing both engine mounts if worn ( easy to check just rev the engine by pulling the throttle cable in the engine bay and see if the engine rocks). Check the transmission mounts and the diff mounts.
  7. Hello and welcome to the LOC. Looks very nice, I have an import Celsior.
  8. My LS400 is still on its original exhaust at 25 years plus........stainless steel makes all the difference, just a pity Lexus lowered their own standards and reverted to mild steel.
  9. Hello and welcome to the LOC. Plenty of advise and ideas on the LOC, new bushes may be another one to look at with tired suspension.
  10. Hello and welcome to the LOC. I’ve never seen sill rot like that before on an LS, has it always lived by the sea? The problem is I guess this could be present but hidden by the plastic cladding over them. Same with the spare wheel well, a known problem is the boot seal allowing water into the boot but to rot it through this must have been like it for years. Still worth saving though and good on you for doing so.
  11. If you look at the keys the “chip” part is seen alongside them, the ECU is part number 4 on the diagram.
  12. The central locking control ECU is located in the boot, left side behind the carpet, more or less opposite the boot lid hinge. If you remove this ECU and open it up you will find an 8 pin integrated circuit chip plugged into a socket on the board, this is programmed to the key you have. If you replace the chip in you car’s central locking ECU with the one from the donor it should then work with the key you have in your car. Or just fit the donor car ECU in your car but check to make sure the part numbers of both ECUs are the same. Which ever method you chose be sure to disconnect the battery first. Changing the key blade is difficult as it is bonded into the housing and there is a wire soldered to it for the aerial, if you do open the fob be careful to avoid the push button and spring flying out, never to be seen again! The usual cause of the alarm triggering when opening doors is a dodgy door light switch, a good dose of contact cleaner usually proves effective. If you want any help and a trip to Derbyshire let me know.
  13. What a bodge! I hope the overheating hasn’t damaged the fuse holder itself. The fact that the bypass wire has overheated when connected to a thinner gauge purple wire would suggest it has been arcing at the fuse box for some time.
  14. I’ll second the above comment, seen many ads for a cat back SS system for the GS models for around £500.00.
  15. Pretty easy to make one with a few off the shelf bits.
  16. Finally dug them out, will check and see if I have the full kit.
  17. Yes, several members have used them, no bad feedback.
  18. Hello Samuel and welcome to the LOC 😀
  19. Yep, also called reluctor rings, the rears are more susceptible as they collect more crud around them.
  20. Disc “run out” is basically wobble of the disc caused by either warping of the disc or not being mounted true to the hub. The fault you have sounds very much like an ABS problem, there is a toothed wheel behind each hub and a pick up sensor which detects rotation of the wheel. This is how the ABS detects a wheel locking up and corrects the problem. It sounds like you either have a damaged toothed ring or a faulty sensor on one of the wheels. You may also find that during the brake work some crud has broken away and clogged the sensor (they are magnetic so attract particles). I would first perform a diagnostic code check to see if anything is stored relating to the ABS as this may assist you by pointing out which wheel is causing the problem, even if the warning light is not illuminated there may still be a stored fault code in the ECU. If that shows nothing a careful inspection and clean of the sensors and toothed rings may sort the problem, the toothed wheels can also crack so make sure this has not happened and they are all firmly attached to the hub. The picture below shows the basics of the system in a simple form but shows the components I have referred to.
  21. I bought my 1994 Celsior for £3750.00 back in 2006 with 38,000 miles ( converted from 62,000 kim’s ) and still haven’t got to 100k yet.