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  1. My local Esso station has a promotion on at the moment for toilet that is really taking the pistrol.
  2. So you are going to be without a Lexus for 4 months, I know what you will be wanting for Christmas never mind the end of March 😀 I don’t blame you though, prices are going through the roof at the moment.
  3. The link I gave to Rockauto is for the IS300 kit.
  4. Yep, Gates have a good reputation in general but the last Gates thermostat I bought was made in China and leaked like a sieve as the housing seal was too thin. Aisin are the OEM parts, all Lexus auto transmissions are Rockauto prices are pretty good even with shipping and VAT added.,2004,is300,3.0l+l6,1426070,engine,timing+belt%2C+water+pump+&+component+kit,16088
  5. If you post it up following the correct format as linked by Zoricib I may just be able to ignore the fact it is a MB. Otherwise the post will have to be removed and crushed 😀😀😀
  6. Not sure if this has been posted before but makes interesting reading.
  7. Winner, cheapest I found for a genuine battery just now was £199.00 and that was fit yourself so that is a bargain, they also normally have a 3 year warranty too. Half the Halfrauds price!!!!
  8. Hi Tim and welcome to the LOC. Some generic code readers don’t work on Lexus, Toyota Techstream is the factory diagnostics, you can obtain the software through certain sources 😉 Obviously without codes it’s educated guesswork but check your O2 sensors as these have been known to cause this fault especially as the fault re-appears within 15 minutes of driving pointing towards O2 sensor heater failure which you can check with a multimeter.
  9. A couple of possible causes have been mentioned previously, the rear window bonding fails allowing water to seep past the glass into the boot area (apparently there was a faulty batch) and less likely is blocked rear light cluster drains.
  10. Ola Pablo and welcome to the LOC. Where in Spain are you located?
  11. Up to £3400.00 at the moment. I was quite impressed initially, the interior looked good until I zoomed in on the driver’s seat ( coincidentally no picture shown from that side) and noticed the usual wear and engrained dirt. The pictures of the sill rot on both sides and every rusty nut and bolt in the engine bay quickly finished my browsing! I wonder how many re-lists for this one?
  12. I remember many years ago when Aviva was Norwich Union and their strap line was “ Quote me Happy”. I rang them for a quote and it was horrendous, they even tried to reduce the premium by trying to add my mrs on the policy despite her never having had a driving licence! My last 3 words to them before putting the phone down were “Quote me wappy”
  13. Great, yes they should have them, seem to remember Lexus wanted over £8.00 each for them!
  14. steve2006


    Hi Jen and welcome to the LOC. I’ll move your post into the wanted section as you will get more response from there I think.
  15. Another member was after these the other day and Lexus wanted daft money for them, look on eBay for M10 copper crush washers.
  16. Firstly if you’re not sure on the procedure I would suggest having it fitted by a trained mechanic. The new calliper will have no or very little fluid in it so once fitted with the brake hose reconnected you need to open the nipple and bleed the brakes. As the new calliper fills with brake fluid the air in it will be displaced by the fluid until it is completely full and then fluid will emerge from the bleed nipple. Close the nipple and top up the brake fluid in the master cylinder then bleed the brakes. Finally pump the brake pedal to bring the pads up to the disc. This video shows the process from 9.30 but watch it all. I tend to clamp off the flexible hose to minimise fluid loss but this guy just quickly transfers the hose from the old to new calliper. It’s not a Lexus but shows the basic principles.
  17. I’m not surprised repairers of these clusters are few and far between when you consider the technology involved. The speedometer and tachometer needles are driven by 4 pole synchronous motors with the sine wave signal being converted to a PWM drive signal. All this to ensure the needles don’t bounce around whilst driving. A bit of light reading 😀
  18. Where is the price coming from? It is listed around £150.00 and around the same from Amayama including shipping and VAT. Is it £350.00 labour for fitting then?
  19. The police need get SOCO to print the car before it gets to Lexus then again afterwards.....a match would be great!
  20. Yes very Phil, I took a look on the database for the location of the alarm system components and this showed up, even more disturbing if as the police suggest could be an “inside job”. I seem to remember some years ago when Ford Transits were being stolen by opening up the passenger door mirror and playing with the wiring inside it.
  21. Hi Peter welcome to the LOC and your subscription to Gold membership. If you could have a read through the link below and edit your post to comply that would be great and also fulfil Malc’s request for pictures.
  22. There appears to be an alarm component mounted within the front passenger door area so makes me wonder if they managed to access the wiring to it from behind the wheel arch liner and somehow bypass it. Where were your key fobs located in your house Shafiq?
  23. Just like the supermarkets wiped out the “corner shops” these companies will do the same to any competition. All online from start to finish, online valuations, free collection from your home or business premises, free delivery. This must be the end for any independent motor dealers holding a small stock of cars, with auction prices now exceeding retail values due to the monopoly of BCA, WBAC and Cinch plus all the others now jumping on the bandwagon there will soon be a lot of building plots coming up for sale.
  24. BBA reman appear to have mixed reviews but mainly good, it is a company I’ve heard of before and IIRC offer a “ lifetime warranty” on repaired items. The instrument cluster is probably the only part where Lexus actually sold individual parts for it like the PCB and speedometer unit albeit at their usual prices!
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