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  1. MPX-B supplies the door ECUs and Radio No.1 supplies the Body ECU which in part controls the interior lighting. I would be looking for a light being on somewhere like the glove box or boot, pop a camera phone in on video record then see if the light stays on when closed. I have the OEM Electrical Wiring Manual which is around 400 pages, you are quite welcome to lend it for the cost of postage to yourself and back.
  2. I knew it was 59
  3. Remove the ignition key trim piece ( just clipped in, use a wallpaper scraper with the blade taped to start it off) Picture 1. Remove the bolt in the middle of picture 2 Remove the bolt in centre of picture 3 located below the coin tray. This should allow you to access the boot release and release the lock from behind.
  4. Could be related Graham....buying a nearly new LS500 would certainly get my pulse racing....take it steady and stress free.
  5. Similar here, mine had corroded rear axle pipes so my local garage did them for around 40.00.
  6. You say the brakes were replaced and the back shields checked but were the discs removed to see if a stone or pebble is stuck between the disc and shield?
  7. I've converted my LS400 to Hybrid.....just getting a bit fed up with having to stop every 200 yards and knocking on strangers' doors asking for a socket to use 🙂
  8. I saw a Lexus LS400 parked up in a car lot once in the Dominican Republic, a year later it wasn't there, I did see an IS200 in Grenada earlier this year, the traffic was moving so slowly I had a chat with the driver walking alongside him.
  9. It seems a bit more than a coincidence that this happened after a fill up with supermarket grade petrol, have you been back to enquire if there have been other complaints? I would also question your garage diagnosis of the crank sensor, when they fail they generally cause poor or non starting when the engine is hot and revert to normal operation when cold, in other words they become temperature sensitive and not limited rev range. The MAF sensor as previously mentioned can cause this fault but would normally throw up the Engine Management Light, diagnostic codes from the engine computer is easy using just a bent paperclip. A word of caution ….. do not attempt to clean the MAF it is a special optical one not hot wire called a Karman Vortex ….cleaning it will completely wreck it. Next time the fault occurs try unplugging the MAF and see if the car will then rev above 2K, the management light will come on but extinguish when the MAF is reconnected. The fuel filter is another possibility if crap was present in the fuel, a pig and messy to replace but cheap enough. Another option is to drain the tank and then refill with some decent stuff to see if the problem goes away.
  10. Very common on the early models, mine was the same when I bought it. I eventually managed to find a replacement RHD version from a guy who made them in California as the majority are made for LHD models. The link below gives the details of the guy although this was some years ago so may not be of any help, if he still has some make sure you specify for RHD. If you do manage to get one I have fitted quite a few in the past for other members for some beer tokens.
  11. Hello, welcome to the LOC and Lexus ownership.
  12. Normally dried grease on the spindles, have you tried slapping the dash above to see if things free up?
  13. Just a warning if anyone is considering doing this, do not attempt it on the early models (1990-1994) as these use a different type of MAF which do not use the later type hot wire MAF.
  14. Hello and welcome to the LOC. I also own an import but have never had a problem with parts or diagnostics. I take it there is no Engine Management Light on? There is a test that can be performed which injects smoke into the induction system and then you look from where the smoke is escaping indicating the location of the vacuum leak, any half decent independent garage should have this kit. Also try spraying some “Easy Start” around all the vacuum hoses, a change in engine RPM would indicate a vacuum leak in that area. Main one to check is the breather pipe, the valve can fail and collapse the pipe. You could also visibly inspect all the vacuum hoses looking for poor connections and splits. An automobile stethoscope is another useful tool to listen for a vacuum leak. The AFM is another possible cause, if it is the hot wire type these can be carefully cleaned with a solvent. Toyota ECUs suffer from capacitor failure which is another possible cause, from what I understand the MINES ECU is a modified Toyota unit. Beat bet is to find a local Toyota independent mechanic, other members may have some suggestions.
  15. I fitted the later engine upper cover on mine, an extra bracket and a few nuts to fit.
  16. I found this early model on Facebook the other day which may solve your problems.
  17. Sure, no problem, the company is called AutoKolor.
  18. Not entirely sure with the GS300 but on the LS400 there are around 3 bolts holding the fuse box in, there should be a fuse description guide inside the fuse box lid, the fuse you are looking for is larger and more square than the pull out ones with a clear cover over the top.
  19. The normal fuse to blow on battery polarity reversal is the 120A alternator fuse located within the engine bay fuse box, this is not the usual plug in fuse but has screw terminals so access means removing the fuse box and getting to the fuse connections from underneath. How the AA can deny liability is beyond belief....I would certainly be escalating a complaint.
  20. I was working in Perth Scotland once and managed to order a pizza from Perth Australia!!!
  21. This was mine post accident, took it to a local body shop and they repaired the wing, bonnet and bumper to such a high standard you cannot tell.
  22. I have one off a 1998, pm me your details and I will send it to you but going away tomorrow.