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  1. Hi, This has happened 3 times with my car. Lexus has re-registered the keys into the alarm-system to get it to work again. They've not been able to explain what's wrong, but they will investigate further next time it happen. All 3 times, both my keys stopped working. It seems for me that the problem occures when I double-click the lock-key too fast (I always double-click the lock-key to deactivate the coupe-detector, wich sets of the alarm with no obvious reasons...). Rgds, LavaIS
  2. Hi! Due to the fact that I've tried 5 sets of wheels (16", 17" and 18"), I don't think andyhart21's vibrationproblems are related to the wheels. I've concluded that my problems are caused by the lowering (I had the vibes when the car was stock too, but I had to load it a little more to get them...), not by the lowering parts themselves, but that the IS rear chassis don't like being lowered too much, either by short springs or heavy load. What piece exactly causes the problem I don't now, but it might be related to the angle of the joint on the driveshafts. But if they are the problem, it must be a construction fault (since mine are changed), and I'm then quite surprised so few people have this problem. andyhart21, if you still are running on 17", I'd recommend you to try loading up your car with people (or the boot with 100 - 200 kg). My guess then, is that your vibes are back. My vibrations are worst when accelrating around 100km/h, in 3'rd. Rgds, LavaIS
  3. Hi! I have the same problem with my car, and posted a topic on this about a year ago. Sadly, the vibrations still occur when the car is loaded, and I have given up all hope :( of getting it fixed.... Rgds, LavaIS
  4. I'd like most of the above mentioned options. And would like to add a "little" option for us up north.... - 4WD:bounce::smilegrin:
  5. Well, I drive a Lavared IS... :P (think the 3N3 colour has a different name in some other countries though)
  6. I don't think this is the most useful thread on this forum, but anyhow, I'd like to contribute:P:P:P:smilegrin:
  7. Hmmm, that's tempting:tumble: I don't think I can afford the SuperCharger, but would really like some extra power... This seems to be an affordable way to get some extra:D:D:D It will certainly void the warranty on the engine, but mine is soon out anyway. BTW, looks to me that the shipping is 13 EUROS, not 120.....
  8. The Force is strong in her....:lol:
  9. Hi John Lee, I've heard 10 hp, but have never seen any figures/tests to prove it.
  10. I've now got my wheels balaced, made NO differ, as I expected... I also had my car "checked" by Toyota/Lexus. When they rang me back and said the car was finished. I asked about the vibrations, and he said it was fixed. When I got my car back home, loaded it, and took a testdrive. What a differece - NOT!!! Drove back to Toyota the very next day and complained. The same guy that told me the car was "fixed", now tells me that they'd testdrived the car, and that the vibes are the same for all the IS's, so they didn't do anything with it, not even the alignement of the wheels as we agreed upon... Hmm, do I use too much madfaces in my treads....? Anyway, I'll turn it in once again next week, for the alignement at least. I'll try to borrow a 02-IS to check later this week, to see if it's only me that's picky. Maybe I am, but the red line through all that involves Lexus is the word smooth.... Anyway, I have established that the vibes only comes when the car is heavy and low in the rear. Towing another car is not a problem, so it can't be the momentum on the engine that causes trouble. My conclusion then, is that the engine and G-box mounts are OK. The cardan joint as well. Both the rear drive shafts are (supposedly) changed...., but somehow the angles on these must be involved, or the alignement on the rear wheels when loaded. Well, we'll see next week, but my hopes are not too high:( It is very sad that these irritation moments destroy the feeling of the splendid car that the IS is.
  11. My Lex is from Sept 1999. I had my G-box changed once, due to rumbling noise in 4'th and 6'th gear. I did not experience too much of a gearchanging trouble though. The noise was there from the beginning. At first i thought it was rumbling noise from the wheels, but then i noticed it only came i 4'th and 6'th. The G-box was replaced after a year. Later when I talked to Lexus, they said all the IS's with first type of G-box would get theirs replaced under warranty. I have no idea if he just said this to me, or if they actually did all. In Norway they probably sold less than 100 the first year, so the situation is kind of different from UK. Anyway, my new G-box is a lot better, BUT some rumbling noise is still present:mad: It's not really a problem for me, but it's kind of irritating. I can downshift to 1'st when still rolling, and the clunks when shifting are very rare. My biggest problem(irritation) is the vibration in the drivetrain when the car is loaded. I'll supply some more info on that one a little later...
  12. I use Mobil1. This is Lexus "factory" oil in Norway.
  13. 27... at least for a few more days... ;):smilegrin:
  14. I'm working as a Telecom engineer in Alcatel Norway.
  15. Hi lexuscol, The 2002 version of the 200 have the same upgraded interior as the 300. About the soundproofing, I'm not sure, haven't driven a 2002 spec 200 yet. The 300 is certainly quieter than earlier 200's. There's one problem discussing pricegap of the models. The standard equipment is not the same in different countries. In Norway for instance: Both 200 and 300 comes with HID as standard, and full leather and Navi is option on both... The things that are not possible to get on an 200 in any country however, is 5 speed E-shift (and VSC?), and of course the main issue - the engine...