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  1. Galla 4: Nice job. mine is red with white decal too. I love this colour combo. those Brembo rotors make me drool......... what's the diameter? and how much ?? can they matched up with OEM calipers?
  2. if u have noise from back. it's probably formthe third brake light mounting. give it a shake. as it might be loose noise from front panels is most likely the rubbing noise between panels. my friend told me he put business cards between penals. I actually removed the the panels (under sterring wheel) and put some thin sponge in as insulator near where panels join.
  3. Is it ready? how did it go on road? I also have a 94 ES300 at home. red one.
  4. Poor guy who started this thread didn't even ask about performance gains. Its really very sad, all forums seem to go the same way. There are sound genuine people out there, who just want to help out, then there's people like this... ← Thanks for providing me some info Remus backbox. I knew replacing rear exhaust alone wont give much performance gain. I knew this fact even before I bought my IS200. I just want to find out what people with Remus backbox think about the product. and as I have posted, I didnt want loud noisy system. I dont want to spend money to have my eardrums damaged. thanks for the feedbacks. very much appreciated.
  5. ← make sure u clean the caliper properly before u spray/paint. also be patient, wait for the paint the dry properly between coatings. I used VHT "caliper and drum" paint, made specifically for caliper to resist heat. Please read my post of Altezzaclub NZ/AUS from the link from my last post :)
  6. I definately dont want something that is too loud. but I want the sound deeper than stock. I had tried an IS200 6MT with a locally made muffler system, man it was too loud, esp the load resonance ~ 3000rpm , I couldnt stand the noise when cruising at 100km/h in 6th gear. I am just wondering whether REMUS (not TTE) has similar problem regarding to the noise at 3000rpm thanks
  7. Hi: I have DIYed my a few months ago. very rewarding ! u can check the link : and hope this help SSML
  8. Hi: has anyone got a Remus Muffler fitted to IS200? I m thinking of getting one(with 115mm diameter Turbo design tip), but want to hear your opinions. Loud? resonance problem? my engine is stock, got a trust "drop in" type airfilter thanks! SSML
  9. Hi, I wish to buy a set of caliper stickers too. My questions is : does the price (10 pound/$15,US dollar I assume)including postage worldwide? b/c I am in Australia. many thanks SSML
  10. Sorry to hear the bad news man! I never park next to a car that has baby seats in it, or the parking lot is at the down slope. I hate people so careless to dent other people's car door. SSML
  11. Thanks for ur reply. Maybe most Rally car drivers are europian (except UK drivers) who are more used to drive LHD cars. hehehe SSML
  12. Hi ALL: I am curious about whether the regulation in UK allows Left Hand Drive cars (steering wheel on the left side of the car) to be legally on road?? I saw some cars in UK's EVO magazine, cars with UK plates but yet LHD?? I know that many countries only allow steering wheel to be on the opposite side of the side they drive on. So in AUSTRALIA(we drive on Left hand side as u all know), only Right Hand Drive cars can be registered. 8 Enzos ordered by Australians can NOT be registered and can not be driven on road legally b/c they are all LHD (need to apply special permit for the occasion). Japan allows both RHD(of course) and LHD cars to be driven on the road. although it's a bit inconvient for LHD cars sometimes esp. when paying parking fee at car park exit. But I think it's more fun to drive both versions and u get to change gears with different hands. :D SSML
  13. Hi everyone: My car's coin holder became loose after I hit a pothole a while ago. Eversince that, I have noticed some rattle noise inside the cabin esp when driving thru rough raod/highway. If I put my finger on the coin holder, the noise will stop. so I m pretty sure the noise is from the coin holder. Has anyon egot any idea how to solve this noise problem? Should I just remove the coin holder and dont bother put it back. Or should I remove and refit it. I was thinking to use silicone to seal the gaps, so no vibration?? Any suggestion? thanks SSML
  14. Thanks mate! I will have a set of Lucas pads put on in a near future. Do you guys know if there are different grades of pads made by Lucas? and which one is better /suitable for ES300? any website of the company I can check out? cheers SSML
  15. HI : my 94 ES 300 needs to have front brake pads replaced. I went to a brake specialist shop and the guy there suggested me UK made"Lucas" pads. Has any UK members heard of this brand or used thier products before? comment? Lucas pads are actually cheaper than Oz made "Bendix" pads. So I m thinking of getting UK made pads rather locally made pads. thanks