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  1. Does the RX400h SE-L include the rear DVD entertainment pack as standard ? There's a bit of glitch on the UK Lex site around this. (Yes I know I should ask the dealer, but it gets them excited if they get a potential customer at the moment.)
  2. Lexus launches the 2010 RX in L.A. Is it just me (and I am biased) but the new one isn't as good looking as the current RX ?
  3. Has anyone else had to get their alloys replaced on the MkII RX300, mine are starting to look like my IS200's did. Was the dealer okay about changing them, or is a call to Lexus UK required ?
  4. Has anyone taken an RX SE-L outside blighty and if so is there a switch on the swivelly headlights to save me the bother of sticking nasty bits of plastic on the headlights. P.S. I'm sure the answer to this is RTFM, but I'm too lazy !
  5. Have a look at this: http://www.rcuniverse.com/magazine/article...?article_id=391
  6. Just bought one over the net from Hong Kong. $140USD including shipping. Harrier link
  7. ... was the usual anti-4x4 rubbish. The little car in question was ten years old and thus had no safety features. Besides which, if you go down the route of banning 4x4s (basically because the plebs and New Labour don't like being reminded that some people have done well in life and choose to drive a big car) because they aren't nice to little cars where do you draw the line ? Do you also ban buses, lorries, vans, Rolls Royce Phantoms, in fact anything bigger than a 2CV ? Why not ban all cars because they aren't nice to bikes, pedestrians, and rabbits. Rant over.
  8. I can get 25 mpg on a motorway run from Essex to Swindon if I turn off the aircon and use the cruise control to stay legalish (80). As for the greenies screw em, doesn't matter what we do in this country because its the US who are killing the planet, so if you can't beat em join em ! The 4x4 haters are just jealous anyway.
  9. Has anyone heard the strange woman shouting "Stansted Airport" when you drive up the M11 ? It's very odd, you get the nice dulcet female voice, then wham a rough essex accent shouts STANSTED AIRPORT at you.
  10. What's the Sunderland interior ? It's not red and white stripes with black shorts is it ? :D
  11. Go for the SE-L. Most SE owners claim the steel springs are better, but having lived with one for a month whilst mine had minor cosmetic work I can honestly say I don't agree with them. And the Levinson is soooo worth the extra money, it sounds great and next time some scrote cuts you up, just smile and remember that your stereo cost more than his car !
  12. I'm another convert from IS to RX, but I do miss having a car I can throw around a country lane when I'm by myself (i.e. no family members on board). We bought the RX after Sprog II arrived because he didn't fit behind me (I'm unfeasibly large) without him losing a length of shin and I hated driving the wife's Scenic (plus being a Renault it very rarely works). The RX is great for families because it's huge, I think the whole design is a scaled down version of the US Marine Corps' helicopter landing ships, down to the big power door on the stern ! But this is exactly what you need, you will be amazed how such small creatures require such a massive amount of kit. Fuel consumption is between 20 and 25 mpg depending on traffic, how fast you drive and whether you love being chilled on route (aircon). It is a great way to travel when you have the family on board, you can waft around in your big comfy armchair ignoring the rest of the world ! Just can't do the hooligan thing which is why I'm now allowed to have an exec saloon to go with the RX (which the wife will have) instead of the awful aforementioned Scenic.
  13. C-Class Merc cruise control already does this, you can set a max speed. I only know because I was err test driving one for a friend....