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  1. Wheels are 18 five spoke. If they aren't gone by Friday they'll be weighed in for scrap. J
  2. I went for a TT but that went last week as I'm just waiting to take delivery of a new RR Evoque. Just making space in the garage now!
  3. No, I actually got rid of the RX about 14 months ago Just had a spare set of wheels in the garage...
  4. Clearly location would help! Epsom Downs, Surrey. KT20 postcode. J
  5. Hi all, I've got a set of 4 RX wheels in my garage with (I think maybe Brigestone rubber, approx 3mm tread) free to a good home. If there's any interest drop me a pm. J
  6. After having an IS300 and then moving to the RX i found it was becoming more impractical day to day. Crawling round the worst part of the M25 twice a day and getting sub 22mpg, plus a 1k warranty claim for the air suspension front strut made me change my mind somewhat, plus spending over £400 a year on road tax and spending £80 on fuel every 5 days. Great for the dump run, but when there is just me in the car 95% of the time you seem to think that there are downsides apart from the comfort and driving position. So I moved on to a totally different car- an Audi TT, yes, smaller although can still fit the wife and one of the kids in, but in terms of fuel economy- over double what I was getting in the RX and Road Tax is £175. Build quality is on a par with the RX, has all the toys including a much, much better Sat Nav and phone/ipod/SD Card (x2-64gb) set up. Sorry to see the car go?- in the recent poor weather maybe, but general day to day?- not a bit.... This is what the RX was traded in for...
  7. Was about to get my debit card out until I noticed its £280k plus the VAT.. With another £56k on top its out of my budget :megaangry: By about £320K !!!! J
  8. I've just had to get a new set of 4- its the first time I have noticed that all tyres have their A-E ratings on now- made for some interesting comparisons. Was good to see not only wet grip and dry grip but also decibel rating as well. In the end I went for a set of Hancook Ventus- rated C for both wet and dry handling- the majority of other manufacturers, including the Bridgestone they replaced were either good in the wet, or dry but not both. They weren't extortionately expensive either at around £140 each, but also had a spare set of wheels refurbed on which they all now sit..
  9. Barry, I use an indie in Crawley/Redhill- Toyotec- I wont touch Lexus Croydon anymore. The guy is called Russell who owns it and I havent found fault with any of the work they have done on my current RX, or the IS300 before it. Russell Birch - Toyotec < He ex Lexus/Toyota and (imho) knows his stuff. J
  10. The car was new to me in Feb, Lexus approved, but worth the punt for one year straight after purchase.
  11. Paid £508 for the warranty end of Feb this year, so its paid for itself....
  12. Got the car back today- cost just over £971 and covered by the warranty. The bearing had failed- collapsed in on itself and hence the groaning when turning left. New strut and (£571) top mount plus drop link and tracking...the bearing is part of the strut on the air suspension and not available seperately. J
  13. No, the brearing is in pices- I'd rather not damage the suspension any further, hence warranty repair.
  14. Apologies, its the bearing that has failed and which is part of the strut and non replaceable. New strut 560 , plus labour, plus tracking 900 notes.
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