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  1. Thank you for that. I may get one soon. Drove it home tonight and it was perfect, just as I remembered. Amazing for a 10 year old car.
  2. Oh and Also I wondered if anyone had a LE grill they wanted to sell? And is there an iPod adapter yet?
  3. I sold my last one 4 years ago and just decided to get another, I pick it up tonight it's granite sky and a cream sport (just before facelift) reg X258 GRF it was owned by a doctor first (apatently) then a Toyota or lexus service manager. Both times it had private number plates on (I won't list those regs on here as it's not fair to them) Does anyone know this car? Many thanks and hello Craig
  4. Do you mean that I don't need him any more? . . . . . It depends on how you drive your 250!?
  5. probably Strathcaron Blue. I think they only did 2 blues, royal saphire pre 2001 and Strathcaron after 2001. you will only need 2K to charge it but get insurance quotes first as alot of companies arnt interested if your under 25 on a IS Lex, although Auto may help.
  6. Well you could have called yourself Mary and put a nice pic of some random woman from the internet as your avatar, it's never too late! actualy, thinking about it, it's amazing what you can do with plastic surgery nowerdays! anyway, hello! I do like the Altezza, well I'd have to as I have an english (slow, excentric and quite boring) version.
  7. good for you. It's good that some people can do it. so how do you afford the Lex then? I manage an Orange Mobile Phone Shop. I am looking for another job at the moment. Well as of today it looks like I havn't got a job, I've been made redundant as a new company is taking over, they've offered me a new job and said they wanted me then insulted me with the pay. Me thinks it's time to get out!
  8. good plan, although looking at your drive, it's hard to belive you want something to resemble a german car?! :winky:
  9. sorry I'm struggling too as I can only read english!? I like the Orange as it's easy on the eyes at night while driving.
  10. I didn't like the strip in the grill in the first pic but that's probably because it looks a faded pink it looks good in this picture though. not sure wether It looks better or worse than just plain black in my opinion. it certainly doesnt look though. :D
  11. LOL Looks good. why do you have a red rim on your grill?
  12. It could be that the pads arnt put in properly like said above, calipers don't tend to squeel. they bind, or sease up. jack the car up and spin the wheel and see if it's free or not. by the way there probably not seased anyway because the garage should have noticed if they were when replacing the pads as it's dificult to push the piston back. to sum up, it's probably not the calipers fault.
  13. do a search but here's one topic that may help: lost key
  14. who is 'Chip Foose' he's a person not a company. Chip Foose is the guy that does all the cars on discoverie's 'overhaulin' he designs one off wheels as well as the cars so I wondered if he's branched out to branding his designed wheels. just wondered, thanks for letting me know.
  15. No. 1. Go Back to a Sony Ericsson mobile phone because there great! No. 2. They will look great on a black car, seen it done before on an IS.
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