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  1. A big Congratulations hun! You must be feeling so proud! I have two little girls. Whenever me and my Hubby go out and we see a new born baby boy, I always get a nudge and a puppy dog look!! He's so desperate for a Boy!! we'll see, for the time being he will just have to put up with Barbie, My Little Pony & all things PINK! ;-) Enjoy that little treasure of yours! Love Leanne xx
  2. Right, try this link instead. Hope it works??
  3. Could somebody let me know if the linky is working as my computer at work won't let me access it? cheers L x
  4. This is hillarious. This is about a filmmaking challenge inspired by Snakes on a Plane. Participating teams were provided random animals and vehicles to depict in their short thriller film parodies such as, Raccoons on a Space Shuttle, Eagles on a Chariot, Sloths on a Tank, Ducks on a Scooter, Hedgehogs on a Hummer, Pigs on a Bicycle, Sheep on a Surfboard, Camels on a Wheelchair, Roosters on a Moped, Chickens on a Hearse, and Cows on a Popemobile! So funny!
  5. Just signed it hun - let's hope he gets all the signatures he needs?
  6. I've just had my double glazing done by Zenith Staybrite (originaly Staybrite) The price wasn't quite 10,000 though! But it is true, they call and they call and they never stop, it's so annoying! What do the buggers actually get paid for??
  7. Cheers guys! yep, 25! a quarter of a century old! not sure whether that's good or bad?? I've only just realised that this thread was here! better late then never I suppose! lol :-) Love to you all!!! xxx
  8. Well, What can I say?..........................hmmmmmmmm..............................Honda Whore!................................say no more! Thanks anyway Noel! :winky:
  9. Appologies if you can't see the picci's. I will get some decent ones posted ASAP!
  10. untitled.bmpuntitledx1.bmp I will post some more pics up just as soon as I can get my camera to work again! I think this car is a beauty, drives really well. I'm really pleased with it! :-)
  11. Thanks all! I really didn't want to get rid of the Tezza, but needs must and all that! I feel a little better knowing that Honda is a good choice though! thank you all so much for the info! x
  12. Well, I feel that the time has finally come to let my Tezza go (for good this time) On Thursday I shall be trading it in for a Honda Accord 2.0 i-vtec sport. It's not much of a comparison performance wise but it's much easier on fuel consumption & especially insurance! I really hope that I have made a good choice with regards to Honda? I've heard so many great things about Honda engines; I just hope that it's true?! : Unsure: I took it for a test drive last week & just fell in love with it! soooooooo many extras! I really will miss my Tezza. I'll still be on LOC as usual though, so don't think that you can get rid of me that easily! lol :-) I will post some pictures up of the Accord as soon as possible! Take care all, Leanne x
  13. I'm a Receptionist. I work for The Fire & Rescue Service! very exciting job indeed! How I love my job!