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  1. Happy Birthday chrisis200!

  2. Hello there,

    I have a Lexus IS200 Saloon (2002 model and onwards) in Granite SKy Grey Metallic and am looking to fit on a Spoiler like the one you have sold for the 1999 - 2001 model. Is the spoiler that you sold hard to put on and does there need to be any drilling done to have it on?

  3. Well last time I posted on this topic was May 2009 haha, time has flown by.. Is this car still around? hows it all going Stav? Nice to pop in & see some old faces still around.
  4. Still probably my favorite thread 2 years on, taking me awhile to catch up but the video is great, really impressive work my friend :)
  5. If i'm honest mate not overly, if I was to spend money again i'd probably go for hids as they make a huge difference so I'm told :)
  6. Well its been a few years at a guess guys and I still have the IS200, the forums look totally differnt no idea where to start but I think I shall be around for the next few days catching up on whats happening & see whats new :)so thought i'd just say hi.
  7. I got my old car done there like 7yrs ago & the tints still look great I would recommend :)
  8. Haha no worries Ormi thanks for your help there is no rush ;) & thankyou every1 else for your replies :)
  9. pm me your address mate and i'll send you two,got two in my tool box. :winky: :hocus-pokus: You star mate, will be in touch :D
  10. Hey guys been a long time since I was here, but back for a quick bit of help needed my key fobs have both died thinking it's just battery related not been changed in years, any1 got a part number for them, or know the size etc. Must they be from Lexus etc? anyone know prices I am beyond poor at the mo so this maybe sounding tight but things r that bad at the mo, I dont even use the car much as dont have petrol lol.. but I'd still like to alarm it ;) any help welcomed guys thanks..
  11. Wow seems I popped back @ an exciting time, hope it all works out for you Marcus I know you've been doing a great job since you started this :)
  12. Wow it's like I've never been away, this is still going on madness..
  13. Hey Jason I've not been around for 3-4 months but just catching up & the projects looks ace still, will try an pop in every so often to check how your going on mate :)
  14. I loved it 2 even if a rubbish cinema but I really like Transformers a must purchase on BlueRay lol..
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