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  1. Happy Birthday sorted vti!

  2. looks good. i personally think you need the oem graphics put back round the heater controls tho. i done all the interior trim and some bits on the outside of my BM.
  3. if i remember you have to take the handbrake off dont you to get the rear discs off? not physically take the handbrake off just push the handle down!! lol
  4. Hey guys. Was going thru the stuff in my garage the other day and ive got 2 brand new rear shocks. these are still in the box unopened and unwrapped from delivery plastic. i bought these to replace mine but ended up getting d2 coilovers instead. dont have the car anymore so pretty much useless to me. i paid £120 for the pair and looking for £80. collection from maidstone in kent is preffered. cheers Neil
  5. hi mate saw a reccomendation to c if u could still get the " sport" decals for the rear quarter light window on a lexus is 200 if not any ideas where i can as lexus no longer do them thanks a lot.....greatful for any help...

  6. I've got some brand new, still in the wrapping, rear shocks. I bought them for my is200 but I ended up fitting coilovers. Anyways. Send me a pm if ur intrested. Cheers Neil
  7. good afternoon mate.

    this is a long shot but do you still have th n31 lrc plate for sale? a couple of years ago i approached the dvla to put this up for auction for me to buy but couldnt make the auction! i want this plate so much.

    let me know if you have sold it so i can track it down!


    neil r campbell

  8. hiya mate

    can you still get the carbon fibre dinoc film

  9. i didnt think. i chucked 8 of them clips out at the weekend. they were in a box that i had the old calipers from my old car in. sorry dude. you probably didnt want to hear that.
  10. cheers boss. no i sold it to a guy a few doors up from me. so im going to see it everytime i leave my house! lol i must admit he's got a bit more enthusiasm with it than i had by the end. he took it straight off of me and polished it to death. i must admit it looks immaculate now!! lol
  11. Well chaps its finally happened. picked my new car up a couple of weeks ago. done a few little bits to it. ive done the dash and pieces of the interior in 3m carbon fibre and also the front kidney grills. i replaced the side grills with black grills. there a few other bits i intend to do. i recieved some depo darkened front indicators but they dont fit so i have to wait till they send the right ones. going to put a csl rear splitter on it and add a dvd player in the near future. i was a bit sad to see the lexus go but i had it quite a few years with it. six infact. im sure the new owner will be signing up soon. still going to keep my eye on what you guys are up to and maybe help some people out! thats if you dont mind a german car owner on here!! lol
  12. Hi. a friend of mine owns a garage in bluebell hill village. "jd autos". its only a little local garage. he's a friendly guy and he really knows his stuff. He's called joe. he's fairly reasonable with prices too. tell him neil who had the is200 sent you if you decide to take a visit.
  13. looks good. but there never finished!! lol try a black sports grill!! would look good i reckon!!
  14. thats a trd front lip. the tte is a complete bumper!! Thats Barries car.
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