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  1. Thanks - my V5 arrived yesterday and I collected my car on the same day as you! I followed comedians advice and tried a short journey using the navigation and no message appeared. I never got my 2015 NX to talk properly to mylexus but am keen to use the download route feature. Once I get time I will give it a go. Hope you enjoy your new NX - I am finding the new features are handy!
  2. I think you might have got to the issue thank you - I can’t complete my registration on mylexus until my V5 arrives. I got an email from them saying they have recognised my infotainment system via the portal details I used to log in on the navigation but need to assign it to my vehicle. To do this I need certain characters from my V5. Hopefully that should do the trick!
  3. Just picked up the new 2018 NX (had the 2015 model previously). Drove to Manchester trying to make sense of the less than intuitive new navigation which isn’t that easy to read and this warning message popped up! It won’t go away even after a reboot. Clicking OK or back makes no difference. I think it may be because I tried to find the part where you log in to connected services but simply couldn’t find it! Interestingly the manual with the car shows the old more familiar navigation software so is useless! Any ideas? Obvs will be phoning Lexus tomorrow 😊
  4. I too am pleased with my RX400h snow performance. It goes well with a light touch on most side roads here in Bradford but best avoid the really steep hills (up or down) as the B setting isn't enough to brake the engine downhill, and going up a steep hill gets you stuck as you say. My business partner also has the same car and we are both truly convinced that your theory about decent software sensing slip and engaging the rear elec motor is spot on. Also I reckon the electric motor may well provide more torque at low speeds to keep you moving. My wifes Merc has been left abandoned for two days at the top of a steep hill (safely off road) and I recovered it yesterday when the temp reached a balmy 1 degree C, and the Lexus has been my family's lifeline all week! Bladgb
  5. Couple of quick q's on the 450h: 1. I see no rear DVD players as currently fitted to my 400h SE-L on the Lexus website - have they been dropped? 2. Do we still have the reversing camera and now the new sensors, or has the camera now been dropped? 3. Do you reckon the premier model is worth that much more than the SE-L? Cheers
  6. You could try changing your garage door from an up and over type to a roller. This saves headroom above the car in the garage, you just need enough head above the door aperture to take the rolled up door when open. Try for some tech specs and prices. Bladgb
  7. Absolutely agree here - chucked all my old seats when got Isofix - they fit like rock. The crucial thing here is to assess your eldest in the middle seat - take him/her to the dealer and assess the belt fitting - the minimum height to go without a booster is 135cm I think, but at the rate kids grow you may not have to wait long! Its all a question of timing - when to buy, how big will kids be for the duration of ownership....I too have three and eventually will have to buy a HGV Bladgb
  8. Interesting thread for two reasons to me: 1. My business partner has a 400h like me and his battery went flat after he spent an evening listening to his stereo whilst having a barbecue at a campsite. RAC confirmed that the 400h is "well known for having an undersized battery" 2. Having been duly warned, I parked my 400h in my garage leaving good access to the engine compartment when I went away for three weeks. Yup, it was as flat as a pancake when I got back. AA started it for me and I took it for a 10 mile fast drive. No further problems, although having to reprogram my driving position was annoying, and it still doesn't feel quite right....! Lexus, we need more POWER! Bladgb :duh:
  9. I got a real bad knocking noise out of my Lexus last summer after about 2000 miles. It sounded like metal hitting metal and only happened at low speeds especially on speed bumps. I went crazy checking wheel nuts and poking around with the heat baffles around the exhaust as I was convinced it was coming from under the car. Got my hands dirty and everything. Even thought the wife may have driven it over a kerb or something... Took it to Lexus with the vague "it makes a clunking sound when I go over a bump" complaint, fully expecting them to say nothings wrong and go and live with it. How wrong I was - it was the DVD player under the drivers seat that had come loose. I am sorry yours didnt turn out to be the same.
  10. Your front parking sensors were probably a dealer fit or fitted at the port of entry, whichever way they fall into the category of "not done by the Lexus factory". Such things have proved a weak point in my experience. The hill start thing is not a problem - many modern autos do this now, the first time it happened to me was with am 03 Honda CRV and I am sure I read somewhere there was a reason (such as fuel economy) for manufacturers adopting this. Good luck Bladgb
  11. V Loud raspberry noise with Samsung D-500 and Nokia 6230i. Embarrasing. I am frequently finding that people cannot hear me properly and have taken to parking up and switching off the car to disconnect bluetooth. Then just use the mobile to my ear so they can hear. Kind of defeats the object. Wifes E-Class has a cradle (no bluetooth) and the car brings a strong signal via an inbuilt aerial. Much better reception but soooo uncool. Bladgb
  12. Ok mate Keep us posted, because I couldnt get my D500 to transfer anything - there isnt an option as far as I can see. Cheers Bladgb
  13. Please see Bladgb
  14. As requested by Jasonco here is a list entitled Compatible Mobile Phones For All Lexus Vehicles obtained from Lexus Bradford in March 06: Nokia: N-Gage; 3230; 3600/3650/3660; 6021; 6230/6230i; 6310i; 6600; 6630; 6650; 6670; 6680; 6810/6820; 6822a; 7600; 7610; 7280; 7710; 8800; 8910; 9300; 9500 Motorola: A780; E398; V3; V80; V500/525/620; MPX220 Panasonic: X70; X700 Samsung: SGH-D500; SGH-E720; SGH-E730 Sharp: GX30; GX15 Siemens: S55; S65/SK65; SX1 Sony Ericsson: P910; T68i; T610/T630; Z600; K700; K750i; S700; Z1010; W800i Please feel free to amend or comment! Bladgb
  15. OK sorry for answering my own post... Went to Lexus today and they sorted out my phone book. Turns out they use a Sony Ericsson handset - they take your SIM card and put it in their phone to do the transfer. It was a free thing, and I was very grateful, but am slightly concerned about keeping the Phone Book up to date with new numbers/changes etc. Anyone got any bright ideas? Bladgb