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  1. Hi Guys/Gals, My rear shocks are knackard, so im want to replace them. Does anyone have a guide availible on how to go about this? Is200 Rgds
  2. Hi All, I need to change the Oil on my 200, I have had a look but im buggered if i can see where the filter is, any idea's??? also will there be any speacial tools needed to do it, or should i just book it in someware? Thanks Steve,
  3. Wheres corsaVandel, Bet he has some :D
  4. Mine was the one up for sale a while back, ill have a look see if i still have it
  5. Bah.. Windows Vista, is just windows XP with a more Disney colour scheme...
  6. congrats Tony... Really happy for you. suppose this means i have to come and have my checkup :D Steve
  7. Erm isnt Mac OS a re-developed unix kernel? making it a cousen to Linux...
  8. Loving the Qwality fitment of that front bumper.. Not my cuppa either, although i expect it will be nice and quick
  9. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE THE CAPS LOCK KEY WHENT..... Please dont use all caps, it hurts my eyes. Also i would recomend the search button, as this topic has been covered 1000000000000000000000 times already. Also take a peak in the Audio, vidoe and security section of the forum
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