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  1. Hi Guys/Gals, My rear shocks are knackard, so im want to replace them. Does anyone have a guide availible on how to go about this? Is200 Rgds
  2. Hi All, I need to change the Oil on my 200, I have had a look but im buggered if i can see where the filter is, any idea's??? also will there be any speacial tools needed to do it, or should i just book it in someware? Thanks Steve,
  3. Wheres corsaVandel, Bet he has some :D
  4. Mine was the one up for sale a while back, ill have a look see if i still have it
  5. Bah.. Windows Vista, is just windows XP with a more Disney colour scheme...
  6. congrats Tony... Really happy for you. suppose this means i have to come and have my checkup :D Steve
  7. Erm isnt Mac OS a re-developed unix kernel? making it a cousen to Linux...
  8. Loving the Qwality fitment of that front bumper.. Not my cuppa either, although i expect it will be nice and quick
  9. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE THE CAPS LOCK KEY WHENT..... Please dont use all caps, it hurts my eyes. Also i would recomend the search button, as this topic has been covered 1000000000000000000000 times already. Also take a peak in the Audio, vidoe and security section of the forum
  10. eh no.. I dont actually carry it around with me, and with the hours i work, it was just as easy to ask on here. If it was the weekend then i would have RTM. The car is now in the hands of the mechanic, so hopefully all will be sorted soon
  11. hmm.... that cant be good :S which one is the bulb gone light?
  12. O.k So i get in the car yesterday, let the handbrake off, and the light stays on. Normally this means you have a bulb gone, but a quick inspection shows they are all working, anyone got any idea. ?
  13. it doesnt have one as standard, i belive there was some clever blokey who explained how to add one. IMO it would be easier to rip out the old system and have a new one put in.
  14. rear spoiler looks ace mate... Congrats on one of the nicest looking 200's
  15. psst he did say legally... and bearshare... hmmmmmmmm
  16. it looks amazing, and it is by the people that did FarCry, Im not so sure on the gameplay yet, havint really played with it enough.
  17. does it come with any additional features.... maybee some chrome shiney bits for the side, or a massive hoop spoiler :D is the 8200 the pearl?
  18. last yr 20yrs old no ncb, 1 accident. £850 chepest by £300 Give them a go.
  19. I havent played for ages. no inet connection in my room at present.
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