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  1. Happy Birthday MI_LEXX!

  2. Hi Nige, you might wanna check out the bulbs in this link Pics on page 21 onwards. Most people on the scirocco forum swear by them, and having seen them in person I would have them, if i didn't already have factory hids. Also the bulbs are e-marked so no problems with the legality side of it. But you will have to email him and see if he has 9006 bulbs. You also have the piaa white intense option or the extreme which are even better. Very good, but pricey, although a lot cheaper than retrofitting Hids. All of these options will keep you on the safe side on the law too, and pass mots! Regards, Sam.
  3. Hi mate, as long as the main headlights work, which i think you mean the xenons(HID), then the ballast will only be supplying power to them. The halo lights, if they are ccfl, will prob need a small inverter but by all means I would try fixing the wiring first to see if it comes on. Should only take half hour at the most and at least you will know that you need an inverter if they don't come on. Regards, Sam.
  4. Yep thats fine Jomo. Do you want the transponders as well?
  5. Yep, thats fine Jomo. I'm in Preston so just down the road from you, past the Lytham turn off on A583. Let me know when you wanna pick them up and i'll pm you my address. Or meet at Lea Gate pub if thats easier. Regards, Sam.
  6. Hi guys, found some more stuff whilst having a clearout. All for IS200. I have the owners folder with welcome booklet, owners manual, blank security booklet, brief guide, dealer list, accessories list & price list, and the service folder. All in as new condition (ish)! apart from the service folder, which was well used. Free to a good home, only stipulation that you must be an established member, so i know you won't flog it on ebay as they are going for around £30! And pick it up, or i will post it at your cost. Also have a couple of black key transponders, you will need a blank key though and recode the fobs so they work in your car. IIRC you can do this in the car yourself as long as you have a master key. Regards, Sam.
  7. Hi guys, finally got the exhaust out. Looking at £100. Its pretty heavy so would prefer collection. Also have a pioneer avic-d3 sat nav double din stereo on ebay
  8. Will ask my mechanic as he did it all for me, if he can remember (was about 2 &1/2 years ago). But when he took off the plastic cover the belt was quite worn, was worrying as i had changed the belt when i bought the car at 30k miles and this was at 85k. There was another part he tried before the belt though as the obd reader was bringing up all sorts of faults. Did the garage not get to the bottom of it?
  9. Hi mate, I had the same problem with mine. Changed plugs, coils, leads etc but was still having the problem. Found out that the timing belt had slipped one tooth and had put the engine out of sync. Take the plastic cover off and see if it looks a bit knackered.
  10. Hi guys, been a while since i've been on here. Good to see the community still going strong! Had a clear out of the garage and found some bits. Might be of interest for someone. Trd carbon fibre sports grill - £50 SOLD TO DIMITRIS PAPAMICHAIL Astral Black sports grill - £25 - SOLD TO GRUNTFUGGLY. Standard stereo and amp, fully working - £75 (offers) Induction pipe with apex cone filter on although will need a new filter as the one on it got squashed by ladders resting on the cone - offers Have seen cones on ebay for cheap though. I also have a TTE stainless steel back box in good nick, although no pic yet. Think it was the Remus exhaust developed with TTE - offers. Have some alloys, could do with a refurb but with pretty much new tyres on, only used to transport the car 150 miles down south. 19s with 235/35/19 rubber - £350 To give you some idea of what they looked like on the car I'm located in Lancashire, but let me know your location for postage.
  11. 1 x MECCATUNE 9006 6500K HID Kit Comes in a nice gold box, not the red one in the picture. £135 inc Delivery (BIG BOX!) Hey anees, could i have them pls. My hids are starting to flicker, so these are just in time. Will prob pick them up off you if thats alrite, and easier! sam :D
  12. Ya lucky buggers! BP Ultimate is 108.9p at the mo round mine!!! :tsktsk:
  13. More pics, just let us know if anyone wants any. :D F :tsktsk: kin imageshack taking the p!55! Taking ages to upload. Got loads more, but will put them up asap!
  14. Speaking of spitroasts, who's first in line here??? Sorry people, i know its shocking! Lol, was an excellent day! Weather was good, food was good, and the turnout was better! Well done jamie! roll on the next one, next month!!
  15. Cheers lee, not quite the picture i had in mind! :P
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