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  1. Coilovers

    erm kind off....... the standard ones are in fact coilovers, meaning the springs are located over the struts aftermarket coilovers are the same , but usually uprated in some respect there are different uprated ones that have adjustable height setting and ones that have adjustable damping settings, and some that have both adjustable height and damping
  2. What's Your Greatest...

    Similar thing for me, Evert belt i earned in Lau Gar Kung fu (4 so far) and every belt i earned in Wing Chun Kung Fu, (3 so far only 2 to go), Learning the Wooden Dummy form (108 movements). Coming 3rd in my first ever kickboxing boxing competion, then getting a 1st in the South East Lau Gar Inter Club competion, and every trophy after that. Getting my SKydiving Licence. has your keyboard got some keys missing paul
  3. Am I Scary?

    she was mesmorised by your illuminated dice
  4. Me Naughty

    knew you would be lost without mrs mop :winky:
  5. Gaydon - Heritage Motor Museum

    was it ice cream !! oh what a relief
  6. Coilovers

    aztec fire melted it
  7. What's Your Greatest...

    jane toney and emmalie oh and jae 2003 3rd prize
  8. Illuminated Furry Dice

    but you quoted me :P might do :)
  9. Work In Progess

    its probably the car reacting to having some decent paint put on it cant wait to see this beauty :)