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  1. Happy Birthday romka!

  2. Hello. Had error 1 on my audio head, wont read any cd's (cd-r,cd-rw,original audio cd and etc..) went to my dealer, and now they told me to wait 2 weeks for new audio unit, just advice for all what to do if you will see error 1 :)!
  3. yup i totally agree, in most cases (or situation) better not doing this, but sometimes its ok, when no many cars and so on
  4. Thanks for replys, javadude Sir, i wish but we dont have tracks, thats why we doing it on road. Latvia - poor land :)
  5. Heya all again, just wanted to say how i love when i make Hail to other lexus driver (especially is200) usually all of them Hails back hehe, today on our little highway (from town to town road) i met silver is200 (without any upgrade as i saw) and we decided to compete, at our top speed (its somethink like 205 for automatic as i remember) i went to about 225-230 and i won :) i dont know possible this or no, i think its styling kit helps me ? all that spoilers,wing.. and bad side of this story that at the end of our little compete bmw made me (don't know maybe it was 3.0)
  6. Thanks for reply's Tdiplc im thinking to spend somethink like 2500 $
  7. Thank you altezzaz :) guys write ,write, write!!! :))
  8. Guys im thinking to increase horse power of my is200 (automatic) How i can do this, the most effective way is compressor i know, but what are the other ways? exhaust, chip, what else? and if you know tell me please how much will increase hp each detail. thank you waiting for replys :)
  9. Hey, yeah this site is great! :)
  10. And one more question how much does it cost? cool meter no more needs i found the price :))
  11. Guys tell me please, if i will buy tte compressor my guarantee on vehicle will be expired? dealer said that if i will buy from them (i dont wanna because their price 11000 euro) guarantee will be ok, but if i will order from internet, and will bring it to my dealer? :) i think here in latvia they will say that its not ok for guarantee, how about this in your country? :) Thanks And sorry for my bad english. :D
  12. by the way anyone know audio system with same size as lexus car cd/type player? i got is 200 Sport(on photo) 2002year, and i dont like player,im gonna replace it but dont know with what Thanks :)
  13. IS 200 is a great buy! :) We have to love this buity =)
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