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  1. my iphone 3g&4g works perfect (no music stream, £150 stereo on my van can do that). and my wife's HTC works perfect too.
  2. Hi You can find more details at the folowing web site
  3. Like the angel eye, very nice car. Must have cost you a fortune
  4. thanks paul, hope to hire one in january for 2 weeks.
  5. Iphone 3g 16GB on o2 contract. I got Cams Ahoy- gps spped camera detector. very good app Wunder radio- internet radio speed dial- speed dial icons around me- whatever u need to find u can with this app, and it will navigate u to the destination as well. very good app pixup- upload u r photos to the internet with gps data remote- remote for ur itunes joost- another u tube translator- all european take car- park u r car and press it. ur iphone know where the car is now u never get lost. ebay- google earth- my diary- virtual pool- im addicted to this game very very good mobicast- cricket results and live score direct to my phone word wrap- word game beat maker- this app is bit expensive but its like having a mini studio in u r pocket virtual dog- for my 3yr old son audi a4- nice driving app lander-helicopter landing game very good rev lite- 0-60 time quarter mile time all there bolt- again for my son maze finger- ipint- x-plane- another good game (flight sim) works well with iphone tilt system impossible- magic game crash kart- another excelent app plusmo- record- voice recorder uk numbers- enter a phone number and this app tells u geological location say who- voice dial winremote lite- remote for pc simlify- stream music from u r pc to iphone urban spoon- find a restaurant or take away near u discover-use iphone as a hard disk vnc lite- connect to u r pc remotely i bowl- bowling game big oven- recipes plugplayer- excelent app. this connect to my home music server and stream music straight from it, including album art more like logitec duet jaadu- remote desktop app drinks- cocktail recipe eye tricks shazam- flycast- shoutcast anyone got a uk tv guide on ur phone?
  6. Hi, I got a small super market with nearly 10000 different products. If I'm going to apply the new vat rate in my shop I will have to redo atleast 4000-5000 shelf edge label. 21 labels cost me 10P so thats about £21.50 plus 10-15 man hours (about £90). Total cost about £100. Then I will have to do the same again in 13months time, so I have decided not to do it (almost all the shop keepers I know also not doing it). Is there any point in cutting the vat? This is going to be a paper work nightmare for me. Thanks DARLING
  7. mine never did. it doesnt go up automaticaly once you reversed and choose park. It only goes up again only if you drive forward (more than 9mph) immediately after you reversed. If I reverse park the car and switch off the engine, it doesnt go up automaticaly the next time i drive the car forward.
  8. Hi, I wanted to hire a rx400h to travel europe for a week. Does lexus do any short term hiring? if not anyone knows where to hire from/howmuch its going to cost? thanks rush
  9. Hi I seen this on ebay EBAY anyone got it here? thinking of buying it, can u recoment someone to fit it near brighton area. thnx Rush
  10. Thanx Guys, I was going to respray as soon as it happened, but my wife said what if they key it again after the respray :o Every time i look at those scratches it hurts me man, if I catch those B*****ds who did it I will kill them.
  11. Hi, Someone keyed my car on both side (front left to rear left wing plus the doors+front right to rear left plus both doors totaly 8 panels). The scratches are so deep on 7 pannels, and need a respray. The cheapest qutation i got is arround £850. Is it worth respraying now or wait for 2 years and do it just before i change the car. Also is that price reasonable? Thnx RuSh
  12. Hi Pacemaker, B4 we bought the is250, the cars we considered were bmw 3 series merc b and new c class vw eos volvo c70 is250 we didnt buy bmw bcoz its too common now days merc the dealers didnt show any intrest in selling the cars to us (bad customer service). also got a A class which is very costly to run and maintain. volvo not for me (my wife liked it though) EOS we both liked it, its a brilliant car (we still love it) because of our son (who is 18 months old) we though 2 doors is not for us. Is250 we are loving it. its a brilliant car apart from the auto lock and nanny on u r MM. Do u really think Is250 doesnt turn heads think again... even people who dont drive/ doesnt know about cars come to me and say what a nice car I got. i would say buy the EOS if u dont need 4 doors its a great car buy is250 if u need 4 doors (and memory seats)
  13. sorry to hear that mate.. so how much is it going to cost you to repair it?
  14. hamilton... 1st race -- 3rd 2nd race -- 2nd 3rd race -- a win? that will be really nice :-))
  15. I did get 38.7 mpg on my is250 to liverpool from brighton (night driving no traffic at all) on cruise @ 75mph
  16. Just Got back from my Isle Of Man holiday (5:00 am Sunday) dont want to go to sleep after about 13 hours driving... malaysian f1 starting in about 2 hours time...
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