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  1. It's good to know you've sorted it all out. Just get another Lexus. When I crashed my IS300 last month, I didn't even consider looking into other makes. It's good to have a car that you like and serves its purpose without too much headaches. I love Lexus as well (ricer as others say) and oh, used ones won't have as much rusts as used Mercs do. LOL.
  2. Yes, I bought it. I was hesitant to travel that far that's why I was asking for a favor here to check it for me but I think no one is local to that garage. Last time I wasted 4 hours driving just to view a car that was not as described by the seller. It was a quick deal though, checked it for few minutes then agreed with the price and as promised an oil change and brand new mot from them.
  3. Travelled nearly 80 miles there yesterday and quite pleased that the car was very nice, bought it and took it home the same day. My previous IS300 was more fun to drive though.
  4. Sadly, I was involved in an accident 2 weeks ago and written off my lovely IS300. I'm now searching for an IS250 and interested on this one http://www.robinsonsmotorgroup.co.uk/auto-devotion/used-cars/5752404-lexus-is-250-f-sport/ . Maybe this car is known to anybody here and could give me feedback (good and bad). I would also appreciate if there's any member here who lives local to that garage and can spend sometime checking the condition of the car for me. I've no access to any car at the moment and can only travel by public transport for 2.5 hours and just want to make sure that the car is in good condition before I visit. I've done it before when I bought my C class, a fellow forum member checked it for me so it was a straight deal when I viewed it. Thanks Richard
  5. Thanks Colin. That's what I thought as well, all LE 200s and 300s I've seen are the kodiac Skye one. The paint code is 1CO/LE20 which is the platinum ice as well I think. Although I haven't compared them side by side, for me it looks a bit darker, more on the beige side. I've seen one advertised on autotrader which was a silver IS200LE 2005 model aswell.
  6. Looks mint for its age. I had mine for seven and half years 150K miles and only things went wrong were the brake light bulb last year and the battery, very reliable. Just look after it well and it will look after you. No wonder why few members here have owned more than one IS like me.
  7. Hi, just traded my lovely IS200 to a lower mileage 2005 IS300LE. It feels more solid and smoother/quieter than my 200. Lovely to drive on the motorway and petrol consumption is not much different. I thought all LE models come in light grey colour but mine is silver. Are the later model platinum ice silver darker than the early ones, it's more like the silver in other Toyota cars. I've just checked the timing belt and it's a Mitsuba brand, is that a standard one or is it supposed to be a toyota brand?
  8. Just want to ask a big favour please.
  9. Mine is an auto and I get 100 miles out of £30 shell V power, Central London driving. Does it get thirstier as it gets old? Mine is 2001 with 140K miles on it.
  10. That's sad, I think you've enjoyed the few months with the IS anyway (apart from the fuel consumption...lol). One of the cleanest on the photos I've seen. How much did you pay for it 6 months ago, if you don't mind me asking and how much are you selling it for? Just curious about the IS200 price in other countries. I know it's a rare car in some countries. All the best for the little one coming.
  11. Hi PJ Your fuel consumption of 6km/L is 17mpg. Is it manual or automatic? Mine is an automatic and I get 20mpg for Central London traffic, well, not as bad as Philippines. Where did you buy your IS from? I think that's a very rare car in Philippines.
  12. Mine had an advisory note when I had MOT last year saying that exhaust gases leaking from the exhaust, don't exactly know where but that could be it. Have you guys checked your exhaust system?
  13. Mine does the same, noise coming from the driver's side. I tried to jack the car up and turned all the wheels however, can't hear any whistling at all and all the wheels are turning freely. It's annoying especially when the window is down.