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  1. Hello Folks As part of my search for parts to fix my Mk1 Aristo V, I bought a part stripped Aristo as I needed a front wing and a bumper... long story. So I now have the bodyshell, and it will need to go soon. As I know how hard these cars are to come by, if any Aristo owners are looking for parts, please let me know. List of things that ARE NOT THERE!!! : Engine - All of it, Transmission, Prop, Diff, Front clip/wishbones, Front and rear shocks/springs. Front and rear bumpers. Rear Light Clusters. Front screen cracked. Boot lid. Front Wings. Brake booster. Instrument panel.
  2. Hello folks Been many years since I checked in on the Lexus Club, and very happy to see a few Aristos lurking! I was enjoying looking through this post when I found a pic of my Aristo - Black with the 19" Advan Sienna II's. Well, its still alive I'm happy to say, although currently undergoing some significant repair work. I'm hoping to have it back on the road in the summer... Now I know there is still some limited Aristo related activity here I'll check in more often! Take care all Tony
  3. Hello. Its been many years since I logged in to the Lexux club - glad to see its still alive and kicking 🙂 My poor old GS300 Mk1 Sport has long departed this life, but, I took the time to strip it to the last nut and bolt. I have a spare heater vent stored away if you are interested. Please PM me, and we can discuss. The interior of my car is the same grey as yours - and was pretty tidy. Seeing yours take me back! Cheers Tony
  4. Might be a vacuum line in the wrong place, or kinked. Often (although I'm not sure about the GS), the auto senses the load on the engine via a vacuum line from the inlet manifold. If this vacuum signal is not correct, the box could easily get confused.... OR its all electronic and I'm just too old skool to know better! Tony
  5. Just had to change mine - and managed it without removing anything. Very tight on the hands,and very fiddly to get the bulb holder back in the lamp, but all possible. May be so much easier with the indicator removed..... I'd try it that way now. Rear lights are easy enough, you just need a deep reach 10mm socket, remove the 4 nuts behind the 20mm diameter plastic caps in the boot trim panel and the whole lamp will pull out with a bit of a wiggle. Just a word of caution...... dont drop the nuts, they are not standard M6 as you would think with an 10mm spanner, but something a bit smaller. N
  6. Seen pattern backboxes on E-bay at the moment. Search on GS300 sport and they should pop up. One of mine very nearly dropped off too with out warning. Took whole thing off and re-welded only the joins from the pipes to the boxes. Been fine since, but if yours is in a central reservation somewhere, that kinda rules that option out! Good luck Tony
  7. Can do. Send me a PM and I can send you my details, then you can send me a disc and an a self addressed envelope. I'll burn the disc and pop it back in the post to you. Can't promise to be as quick as Ryo (there and back, 38 hrs!) but I will get it done. Cheers Tony B)
  8. Struck me last night that now I have this Mk 1 GS300 manual on a memory stick, it could be posted about to people who like me are unable or too thick to work out how to down load it!. So, if people want to borrow the memory stick to copy the file onto their computer, I am willing to post it about. Here are the rules: Send me a PM You cover all postage costs there and back (about 54p each way) You return the stick to me or be publicly named and shamed. Easy really. I also have the Mk2 manual on a CD. Same principle can apply. Its not as compreshensive as the Mk1, but it should cover
  9. Just a public thankyou to Ryo for his help with this topic - Bloody decent chap!! THANKS !!! :D Almost just hit the print button at work - not good at 57M and 2700 pages !! Cheers again Tony
  10. OK The crank pulley is the large pulley on the front of the crankshaft low down on the front of the engine that everybody has trouble undoing. This drives the "fan" belt, or accessory belt, and inturn drives the power steering, alternator, aircon pump etc. The timing belt pulley lives directly behind the crank pulley inside the timing belt cover and is clamped in place by the crank pulley. This is a much smaller toothed pulley that drives the timing belt, which drives the camshafts and a few other bits like the water pump and oil pump. Its is very unlikely that this toothed pulley is damage
  11. I have the 18" 8.5J wheels all round, all with 245/40r18's. Matched pairs on front and rear. To be honest, its not just lorry ruts - these can upset a lot of cars, but other things like road curvature, smooth dips etc can get the ol girl feeling twitchy. Whilst I am still learning the car, I would expect a large car with a competent double wishbone setup, fair bit of weight and good low profile tyres to feel conderably more 'glued' than mine - hence the questions. The car goes round corners well, is "entertaining" in the wet, as I would expect. Its just frustrating to be driving a nice relax
  12. Keen to hear the outcome of this one, I have new tyres on the front, all wearing very well, and good tyres on the back. Car is very sensitive to tramlining and behaves appaulingly on rutted roads (read leaps in and out of lanes) Guessing its alignment, but hopefully not bushes etc at only 75000 miles! We will see! Thanks Tony
  13. Hi Ryo Thanks for your replies. I don't get to be online very often, hence I've not been able to check back. Also my work PC is networked and MSN and Hotmail are barred sites. I have a hotmail account, and I may be able to get online at home soon. Gonna plead thick here as I have not heard of being "added" to MSN before...... do you need me to add you to my contact list, or am I missing something a bit more basic here. Can you not e-mail the PDF ? Any help your able to give is very greatfully recieved - eventually!! Cheers Tony
  14. Thanks, I would very much appreciate a copy. If you manage to find it, please post back and we can exchange details, email etc Thanks for your help! :winky: Tony
  15. Hi Folks Been the proud owner of a Gs300 Mk1 sport for 6 months now. So far, so good. Things are starting to feel a bit slack/wobbly and I am aware of a number of issues with this series of cars, ie accurate wheel alignment, worn ball joints, bushes etc. I am a competent home mechanic and am looking to source a manual, paper or electronic for the MK 1. I bought a CD off E-bay...... waste of effort as it only covers the Mk2, so I have some engine data and have sourced more engine info care of the Supra Club, but thats about it. Anybody able to assist me, or point me in the right direction
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