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  1. yes, after reading above I tried to get some from Sheffield, but none left within 81 miles. However as I'd been meaning to get some for a while it prompted me to get Bilt Hamber Clay 200g. Good reviews, so thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Welcome George. Agree with all the other comments, what a fab looking LS! Great value too. I love my LS. I considered an S Class before I bought my LS, but I felt a similar aged car (06) would be asking for trouble. Have fun. Nick
  3. Now have an 06 LS430. 88 onwards Talbot Sunbeam, Mk 1 Fiesta, VW Golf MK2, Ford Fiesta XR2, VW Campervan, VW Golf Clipper Convertible, BMW 325i Sport, Alfa 164 TS, another 325i Sport, another Alfa 164 TS, Alfa 164 24v Q.V., Merc SL 129 280, Alfa 166 TS, Alfa Face Lift 166 ti, Ford Mondeo, Alfa 166 TS, Audi A4 3.0 Sport Convertible, Lexus IS 2.0 Sportcross, Merc E Class Estate, Renault Avantime 2.0, Renault Grand Espace. Also have a little MX5. best car was the Alfa Q.V.
  4. I'd say it's worth at least £5,500 + cambelt.
  5. Morning I think this car could be a gem for the winner? I see it missed an MOT, but it does look in good condition. I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to Cat D, but they must sometimes offer great value for money. From what I can see it looks mint inside. Anyone on here bidding?
  6. (I meant COULDN'T do that if i had one) A Maserati Quattroporte Sport GTS, well I'm sure your better informed than me but I think you've had a lucky escape. Yes the Maserati Q is a beautiful and exotic car, but potentially cost a fortune to run. They have such charisma, god I'd love one...... However your LS shouldn't let you down and I think you did right to buy from a Lexus dealer. I will hold on hopefully to my 430 for a year or two yet but will no doubt buy a 600. Have fun collecting the car. Happy days Nick
  7. Superb Steve, Bet your well excited!!!! Is that the blue on on the Derby site? I take it it's not RSR? No worries, next weekend I have to take my Mum, Auntie and my two kids for a pub lunch in a village in Derbyshire called Youlgrave. Could do that if i had one. Pictures and that when you get it. Cheers Nick
  8. I've just looked on Autotrader and I agree definitely the RSR as it looks the business. I have two young kids who would love that, they use the recline / heated seat function in the back all the time. However I could definitely see future problems for putting pals in the car and me Mum etc. If you dont meind me asking what's your budget? Once you do get one you'll have to let us all know how you get on.
  9. If I was after one I'd probably go for the RSR. My kids definitely use the recline function in the rear of my 430 (I would too if I had the chance) but the massage sadly seems more of a novelty. Perhaps it's better in the 600?
  10. Recently in Sheffield on a small roundabout on Sharrow Vale Rd at 9.15 in the morning, was my LS and also two LS400 and for a second all on the roundabout at the same time!!! Either they didn't notice or give a monkeys as I flashed my headlights at them. Anyway..... had my LS since April and I agree with you Martin. Find the best you can for your budget and it will look after you. Everything on mine works as it should and with 92k it still feels and drives like a new car. I love it. To me it feels incredibly solid and well made. I shall though take up the issue with the radiator with Dave at Lex Tek, he did it check it and say it was fine, but the comments on here do worry me a little.
  11. Makes the LS look like a Micra!!!!!!! I noted these a few months ago and I'd love one. Truly FAB! Wish they had posted more photos.
  12. I'd say so Martin and you've said yourself why you shouldn't entertain it. Price and pictures. (silver LS looks nice in the dark though)
  13. Brilliant! It really does look great and a perfect way to buy your Lexus, off a true enthusiast. Enjoy.
  14. That's great and you still love to drive her! It's rare to see a 20 year old car on the road nowadays. Happy Birthday Motor. Where is the car in the photo, looks lovely?
  15. That sounds great, how long ago did you have that car? It looks amazing and the history of it is very interesting.