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  1. Ahh thanks everyone! I will be back I'm sure. Alex I have a Saris Bone and it was very steady on the back of the LS. I was carrying my road bike, my wifes hybrid and a 24" Islabike. In the boot along with all our bags etc I had another 20" bike with the wheels taken off. The Saris is great and once you've fitted it it's easy to get on and off. Make's the LS very long though. I went to Skye and back with no issues. It maybe worth getting some 3M clear tape to stick where you will put the straps and where the sponge parts press against the bumper and boot lid, as it will leave slight marks. No it didnt last long and I had a few calls within hours. The chap who bought it was a clear enthusiast and had been a 400 owner for 5 years. My car, well his, really was a good one. Certainly Sennen will be worth it but powering out of the Cove wont be quite the same!!
  2. Hello folks, Just thought I'd say I've sold my LS to a very nice chap from Glasgow. I had the car for two years and it was brilliant. The best car I've had to date! Unfortunately practicality (children!) has led me to sell. I need a car to carry bikes, beach gear and all the stuff you may wish to take on holiday so I have bought a VW Sharan. This has always been and still is a very friendly and helpful forum and long may it continue. My journeys now down to Sennen just won't be the same (but now I can take four bikes). All the best Nick
  3. Evening Just worth a mention that I recently bought a new (copied) sat nav disc for £20 off ebay. Installed the disc and it seems to work well with Toyota 2017/18 mapping. I may have imagined in my quiet kept to mysel glee, that there is more map information and details. I'm now no longer driving through a quarry in Matlock where there is now a new road. So great cheap upgrade and I've not used my phone for a few weeks now, but a little more effort over phone is required to input data. Still can't suss out bluetooth and phone book for my iP7 though.......
  4. Hi Malc, I called in to my local Aldi and bought one. I will try when dry in the week and see how I get on. Will report back. Thanks for the info on them.
  5. I agree with Messi, if you can find a good one as I think I did then get a 430 facelift. I have the radar cruise which works well, but again wouldnt miss it. I do prefer the tweaked styling and I reckon the build quality is superb. Interestingly a friend of mine has a MK1 LS430 and a 02 Mercedes 500S Class as his Sunday car (nice). He tells me the S Class is very quick and a great drive, but says the build quality and materials used are superior in the LS.
  6. Dave at Lextek checks mine every 6 months, so I've had it checked 3 times now and he says it's fine....... mmmmm wonder if he'd pay if it did go. Perhaps I will get it done.
  7. I love my 430 face lift. I wouldn't miss the buttons in the back, my kids just asre about with them turning music up and down, stations changed. Used my fridge twice, once when it was freezing outside and I wanted to have cold beer when I arrived home. I've not as yet had an issue with my air suspension but i'd like to know how a 430 rides with standard suspension. Yes Paul Frost for bits, very helpful chap. I keep on top of mine so if the cd player failed I would replace. What other things dont work? Perhaps 2.5 a little on the high side. In Sheffield I keep seeing a very nice 400 with Lex as the reg. I didn't always appreciate how nice the 400 was, cleaner lines. Looking almost classic and modern at the same time, so as Pete says also look at the 400. However as already said I love my 430, a great car and I try to think that for its age and what it cost, would be as comfortable, fast and reliable as my LS?
  8. Thanks I enjoyed that. So I take it from what Scotty says if you want a reliable older luxury car buy a Lexus? Also I only use standard petrol, is that wise?
  9. Hi, not sure on the other stuff but I've just bought the 2017/18 Nav DVD off ebay for £20. Should be here tomorrow so I will install and let you know how i get on.
  10. The Jag XJ is a lovely car and I've thought about it......... but no not at the mo. Enjoy your Jag it looks very nice
  11. It was a genuine Lexus part (does that mean Toyota?) and i was charged £165 + vat for the sensor and £40 + vat to fit. No more light on the dashboard!
  12. It's the bank 1 sensor 1, so nearside before the cat. I dont know what any of this means as Dave at Lex Tek told me. I had no running problems though, as smooth, soft and silent as ever.