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  1. Looks fab and will be very interested to hear your thoughts once you have the car.
  2. When my car was recently serviced at Lex Tek I asked Dave to check if they were working, as I couldn't really tell. So he put over the plastic seat cover he uses to keep them clean and it did indeed start to fill with air within seconds. He also tried the passenger seat and that was the same. Since then, strangely i've noticed they do work and are effective. Also to stop my holiday fling with a VW Caravelle, I found this old review on the LS430
  3. I agree with most of the above, I wouldn't buy any however that's because I'm tight. Also while no 2 I think is a good idea, you may never have an issue. Enjoy your new car!!!!
  4. I saw the Lexus again going down the hill into Sennen Cove as I was staggering up after a few pints in the Old Success. It was a Thule rack.
  5. I have a few times, but more on my bike. Sit on on one the two benches with a coffee from the little cafe. This week I met a bus going as I was driving to Treen. Bin lorry behind me and with the build up of cars it took quite a while for everyone to reverse.......
  6. Down in Sennen Cove again cruising the back roads in the LS and it really is a wonderful machine to be in on holiday. Tonight in St Just I saw turning towards a camp site, a blue 03 430 with a roof box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much to family's disquiet I shouted out in amazement, not only to see another LS but the first all holiday and with a rack. I should have followed the car but then that could seem a bit extreme. Anyone on here? What is this rack? Perhaps if I knew and if I could fit a tow bar then it may stop me getting into a Caravelle. Over priced for sure but they seem to hold their value rather well. Also I wont have to fit 3 bikes on the saris bones and a bike in the boot. Plus sand and LS just don't work for me. My kids though seem to grow increasingly outdoors inclined and I love the lifestyle. I know though what i would miss, so tis indeed a holiday romance.
  7. I will offer some praise to the little light that illuminates the cooler in the rear. I didn't know it had a light until i'd left it open after storing some cheese in it........ In the late evening that little glow was very reassuring as i went to pick up my wife who'd locked herself out of her car.
  8. Ahhhh The Stein Inn, yes had many a pint in there or out on the loch side. Still run by Angus and Theresa, quite a grumpy landlord. This time we stayed at one of the holiday cottages they own not far from the pub. From the pub you can see a old house called Loch Bay Boat House, once owned by the 60's singer Donovan. Once George Harrison came to visit him (there is a picture of him on their site) and the whole area seems quite magical. The restaurant now has a Michelin star and would love to have gone but was a bit pricey for a family. Instead fish and chips in Portree were fab! It was a pleasure to drive my LS on the Island, such a fab car. The midges by the last two days were getting a bit bothersome......
  9. At the half term break just gone, the family and I went up to Skye. We were so very lucky with the weather and the midges were not so bad. 3 bikes on the back (plus one in the boot!), picture is the Glenelg to Skye ferry, a very romantic way on to the Isle. Over 1000 miles with the rack and bikes and it felt very solid, so I can really recommend the Saris. My LS never missed a beat and I averaged about 26mpg. Car photo is at the house where we stayed in an area called Waternish, the house being in Loch Bay. It is a beautiful place and our fourth time there but never with such great weather. Didn't see another LS all the way there or back but amazingly a 400 overtook me just outside of Dunvegan. Love my LS.
  10. In the last few days in my 430 I have been setting the suspension to high and I have to say I rather like the floating feel to the ride. I kind of thought it was for just when you went over rough ground or something. I wonder though is this likely to wear out the shocks quicker or over time damage them in some way? Does anybody else do this?
  11. My 430 is used most days. It's a great workhorse too. I have a couple of retail shops and when needed can fit a lot of stock in it.
  12. Thanks for posting that. So it has cooled seats in the rear too? Yesterday I sat in the back on a journey Whitby to Sheffield. As my wife was driving I had plenty of leg room, with heated seat on and my chair reclined. The only time as an adult I've fallen asleep in the back of a car.
  13. That's awful news, I hope you're ok......
  14. That car appears spotless and the it's a very convincing advert.
  15. Thanks for all the advice but I decided to stick with the garage in Sheffield, a Jaguar specialist. This weekend I took the car and family up to Whitby and the car is now more or less perfect. However on certain roads there is a minute pull to the left, so this is I hope is indeed the camber. I have a read out which are all green and within tolerance. As for the cost it took two chaps nearly 2 hours and on the front bits (no idea what you'd call it) they had to use oxy-acetylene to loosen the bolts and it seemed for the time I watched, hard work. So for me I think a fair price was paid. Also while waiting, I had a good look round a 12 plate XJ they had in stock. A very impressive car and whilst the interior is exceptional I didn't think the build quality was up to the LS. What did surprise me is the price of them, in some instances they are cheaper than an equivalent age 460.