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  1. In the last few days in my 430 I have been setting the suspension to high and I have to say I rather like the floating feel to the ride. I kind of thought it was for just when you went over rough ground or something. I wonder though is this likely to wear out the shocks quicker or over time damage them in some way? Does anybody else do this?
  2. My 430 is used most days. It's a great workhorse too. I have a couple of retail shops and when needed can fit a lot of stock in it.
  3. Thanks for posting that. So it has cooled seats in the rear too? Yesterday I sat in the back on a journey Whitby to Sheffield. As my wife was driving I had plenty of leg room, with heated seat on and my chair reclined. The only time as an adult I've fallen asleep in the back of a car.
  4. That's awful news, I hope you're ok......
  5. That car appears spotless and the it's a very convincing advert.
  6. Thanks for all the advice but I decided to stick with the garage in Sheffield, a Jaguar specialist. This weekend I took the car and family up to Whitby and the car is now more or less perfect. However on certain roads there is a minute pull to the left, so this is I hope is indeed the camber. I have a read out which are all green and within tolerance. As for the cost it took two chaps nearly 2 hours and on the front bits (no idea what you'd call it) they had to use oxy-acetylene to loosen the bolts and it seemed for the time I watched, hard work. So for me I think a fair price was paid. Also while waiting, I had a good look round a 12 plate XJ they had in stock. A very impressive car and whilst the interior is exceptional I didn't think the build quality was up to the LS. What did surprise me is the price of them, in some instances they are cheaper than an equivalent age 460.
  7. Thanks for the info. I've called my local Kwikfit who quoted £119.99 (could get a little cheaper, but this included redoing for up to 2 years)and the nearest F1 centre who quoted £108 as they quote £15 + vat per side and then more for rear camber. It all seems a bit excessive to me. Halfords in Sheffield surprisingly don't offer four wheel alignment.
  8. Yes it expensive, £113 inc vat. He spent ages telling me what they will do ( I glazed over) and I hope it will cure it. I'll let you know.
  9. Hi Chris, Niggles indeed! Yes it's a full on alignment (apparently) I've never considered LPG as I don't think I really do enough miles. Also, although I have nothing against LPG I don't really want to tinker with my engine. I'm up in a little village called Stein for the week and although I'd love to do that my wife wouldn't. She hates driving my barge! If you bought it though I'd drive you up!!
  10. So I've owned my LS430 for one year today. It's been a superb car and for anybody interested this is what it has cost to keep on the road. I paid £8,500 for the car 06 plate. I know this was top end but the car was one owner, full Lexus history in immaculate condition. Also my car does fall into the top tax bracket as registered after April 2006. This has been the only downer. However it was the car I wanted in the right condition at the right time. I've averaged 21.7 MPG over 9000 miles. Servicing and MOT carried out by Dave at Lex Tek,Sheffield. I can't recommend highly enough! 12/05/2017 Rear pads. Complete check over car. Adjust park brake. £125.22 24/06/2017 Radar Cruise beam axis adjustment carried out. £130.00 (This was paid for by DAX Motor Comapny who I bought the car from, as the issue was present upon collection) 27/06/2017 2 x Falken FK510 + front wheel alignment. £230.00 03/08/2017 Interim service + 2 new wipers. (front pads 60% worn and slight corrosion on front discs noted) £147.30 26/09/2017 Supply and fit new aux belt + touch up paint stick £60.88 11/04/2017 MOT pass no advisories, though I did sort the front discs and pads as I'm on holiday in Skye next month. £285.60 So the car has cost me £849 in the last 12 months, but as you can see a majority of this has been service, tyres, discs and pads. On the whole I'm very pleased, as my LS is in it's 13th year but still remains the best car I've ever owned. I have one slight issue, in that the car pulls slightly to the left. When I had the two front tyres and alignment, I thought it would make a difference but it didn't. So tomorrow the car is booked in to have a four wheel alignment test carried out using the "Hunter" system. Hopefully this will sort it. I hope this year the running cost's will be less, though I will need some rear tyres by the end of the year. Happy Days. Nick
  11. Mr Ponkerson. That looks like a lovely 400, may the LS give you a lot of ownership pleasure. Though I have a 430, I think the 400 has a far more classic look and at times I wish I'd bought one myself. Enjoy! Nick in Sheffield
  12. yes, after reading above I tried to get some from Sheffield, but none left within 81 miles. However as I'd been meaning to get some for a while it prompted me to get Bilt Hamber Clay 200g. Good reviews, so thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Welcome George. Agree with all the other comments, what a fab looking LS! Great value too. I love my LS. I considered an S Class before I bought my LS, but I felt a similar aged car (06) would be asking for trouble. Have fun. Nick
  14. Now have an 06 LS430. 88 onwards Talbot Sunbeam, Mk 1 Fiesta, VW Golf MK2, Ford Fiesta XR2, VW Campervan, VW Golf Clipper Convertible, BMW 325i Sport, Alfa 164 TS, another 325i Sport, another Alfa 164 TS, Alfa 164 24v Q.V., Merc SL 129 280, Alfa 166 TS, Alfa Face Lift 166 ti, Ford Mondeo, Alfa 166 TS, Audi A4 3.0 Sport Convertible, Lexus IS 2.0 Sportcross, Merc E Class Estate, Renault Avantime 2.0, Renault Grand Espace. Also have a little MX5. best car was the Alfa Q.V.