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  1. Hi guys, My dash lights have all gone out, I still get warning lights when I start the car, but the actual cluster and centre console lights (apart from buttons) have stopped working. Ive checked the fuse, which is OK, I've also checked the dimmer switch, but again, this seems connected. Any other options that I could try??
  2. been looking forward for a few years now, lol really hope they don't delay it again
  3. Hi guys My dash and console lights have all gone on me, except for warning lights. I checked the fuse labelled guage in the drivers footwell, but it looks fine. Any ideas what it could be??
  4. at last, a further update had a sport grill in my boot for weeks and weeks, as im off, decided it was time to give it a go was a bit more difficult than i was expecting, that bottom clip is a right pain to get to anyway, here we go:
  5. i got mine from lexus birmingham shop on ebay, although they've not got any at the moment. maybe worth a word with your local, or even
  6. have a look at suggested it to someone else a few weeks back on here
  7. do love Borbets, had them on my old Punto, shame they wont go on the Lex, that would look sweet
  8. Ive posted this in another thread that i started, but thought it would be useful for all members that need an exterior bulb, but unsure which they need http://www.autobulbs...master_3000.php
  9. cheers Tommy just came across this as well for future reference for anyone else who needs any bulbs for the outside
  10. Been looking at upgrading the rear lights, and decided i'd prefer to change the bulbs to LED as i dont really like the aftermarket rear lights for the IS200 Can anyone confirm if these are the correct ones: Indicators: Rear/Brake Lights:
  11. averaging 400 to a tank at the moment, roughly 30mpg, and thats where the light normally comes on, its gradually increasing, lol
  12. Hi guys, time for a service on my IS200 Sport, just wondering how much engine and diff oil ill need (also recommendations appreciated) Its an 80K service if that makes any difference Cheers Duv
  13. have you tried re-programming your key??
  14. id personally say HID's not a fan of the LED strips, although i do plan on getting some LED sidelight bulbs after crimbo
  15. had about the same, but im in the middle of a village, the main road is supposedly ok, but its a case of getting there, i gave up after 10 mins of trying to just turn around in my road
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