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  1. Check the MOT history. Up to October 2015 it had only done 21k. 274,000 miles in 4 years = 68,500 miles per year. If he's averaged 30 mpg and fuel is £5.50 per gallon he's spent £50,233 on petrol. I really should get out more!
  2. ''RE the light.... If it is just a bulb and not the ballast, does the bumper need to come off? Is it a labour intensive job? '' When I had my 460 I also read stories that the bumper has to come off to change the bulb. However, it doesn't. Lexus Guildford took 10 minutes to change it, but the cost of the bulb was about £70. I asked whether the other bulb should be changed, as I thought, if one bulb was gone surely the other side,being on the same amount of time was due to blow as well. Was given the best bit advice from Guildford. IF IT AINT BROKE, DON'T FIX IT Probably had the car for two years after and never had to replace the other bulb. The same result when a rear shock absorber went on my 430. Replaced the one, the other lasted for many years after.
  3. I'd be very careful. Cars I've sold in the past also generated lots of interest from overseas, also offering really good prices. All turn out to be scams.
  4. Always check at time of MOT. Happened to me a few years ago and was informed that MOT details can't be changed on the Gov. Website after 7 days
  5. Come across these on Ebay but have no idea what they are. Digging around, all I could find was that they fit a IS200 and and are described ac 'Front Door Cover, Service Hole' Anyone enlighten me?
  6. Don't think the 460's had RSR, but happy to be corrected. VED for 460 £570; £290 for 600h
  7. MOT history looks OK apart from the 4 years early 2006 to late 2009. 639 miles in the 4 years. What was the car doing then?
  8. Malc, had my 2009 Ls600 for 4 years, bought in 2013 with 70k miles (£25.5k). Replaced 1 rear shock after 78k, (£800, if i recall) and apart from servicing and tyres that was the only thing that went wrong. Sold in 2018 (£11.5k) one of the best Lexus I have ever owned (out of 7). I keep reading on this Forum that some Lexus's are appreciating in value. The only one appreciating is the one you want to BUY. Believe me, when you come to sell you will find that the only one 'NOT' appreciating in value is that one. If you come across a good 600, go for it. You won't be disappointed
  9. Feel for you Mark, hope everything turns out OK. Best wishes to your Good Lady.
  10. Sorry Geoff, you're right. Can't believe the 'Drivers seat memory' wasn't fitted to a car in 2014.
  11. Must be, surely. Have you got the switch in the R or L position. Page 185 in the manual.
  12. You can take a Mk3 400 into the zone but it will cost you £12.50, 7 days a week. If you drive in the congestion zone to weekdays £11.50 is added to the charge. So, £24 total.
  13. Thanks David, will do. ''Interestingly the day before my diagnosis I bought the LS 400 - thought about selling it the next day! Glad I didn't!'' I bought my 500 on the Thursday for pick up Tuesday, Between I had the attack on the Sunday. Like you, I nearly called Gatwick on the Monday to pull out of the deal, and, like you, I'm glad I didn't.