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  1. I had exactly the same just after Christmas. Power washed the front bumper and after a week they behaved perfectly, still are.
  2. The ''Grin novelty'' doesn't wear off. Have just sold mine after 4 years and even then, every day it was a pleasure to own and drive. Looks lovely, enjoy. Graham.
  3. Top gear lc500

    I remember watching Clarkson reviewing the LS400 back in 1990. He finished his review with the words ''This is probably the best car I have ever driven'' That made my mind up that one day I will own a Lexus. Took me 10 years of waiting for it to reach my budget, but so glad I did. Have just purchased my 6th LS today. Thank you Mr Clarkson.
  4. Me keeping my fingers crossed must have helped. Sounds like you're pleased with the outcome. I do think insurance companies are being fairer these days. Well done.
  5. Keeping fingers crossed for you. Mabe the Insurance will come up with a nice settlement. Good Luck.
  6. The majority of comments relating to insurance companies are mostly horror stories, my last 2 experiences have been the opposite. Hope all goes well for you Noo bie.
  7. Ouch, what doesn't look too bad to the untrained eye quickly changes when the bodyshop guy utters the immortal words ''Oh dear, couldn't have been hit in a worse place'' Don't be surprised if it's written off, sorry.
  8. I understand Phil. When you sold your Mark 1 it could well revert to it's original plate, but any plate (as long as it's not trying to make the car look newer) can be assigned. Your Mark 4 's original plate just hasn't been assigned to another vehicle yet The MOT site only goes back to 2005, any MOT's before then are not recorded. There are numerous mistakes made on this site, all the information is supplied by thousands of MOT testers, and, being human, mistakes can't be avoided. The entered information can be amended by Swansea if you spot a mistake but only within 3 days of it being entered. After that, it's on there forever.
  9. The vehicle's past (not the number plates past) is recorded by GOV/MOT no matter what number plate is assigned to that vehicle. If you transfer a personal plate to a car that has had, say, 3 mot's, your personal plate will be allocated to that car's past. The car from which you are transferring the plate will be allocated a registration (not necessarily the original number) and that registration will show that cars history. My car was mot'd 3 times with it's original plate, 3 times with my plate Checking my plate through MOT/GOV shows all 6 mot's. I think that makes sense, hope so!!
  10. Top of the range LS600 now is £100k, 10 years ago it was about £78/£80k LS460 now about £78k
  11. Was that the silver one with 8k miles? Stunning example. Why do people buy a car like the LS600 for £78k then do less than a thousand miles a year.
  12. I remember someone having this problem. Somewhere in the settings menu is ''Avoid Motorway''. Worth checking that isn't ticked.
  13. Many similar plates available from DVLA Registrations for £250 which includes the £80 transfer fee
  14. One of these stories appear every year, about one month before Christmas. Am I being too sceptical to think that sellers of RFID blocking devices are behind them?
  15. Headlamp Change ? Europe

    Option number one, don't use words we on the forum don't understand. Go on, admit it, who looked up the word Martriculate