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  1. I bought Bill Gates car, broke down last week, closed all the windows ,got out, opened all the windows and it's now ok. ''The old ones are best''
  2. I know all the suspension issues were 3 years ago but it had only covered 48k miles. No MOT report for August 2012. MOT in August 2014 only showing an increase of 8k in the 2 years. I'd be wary, but maybe I'm being a bit paranoid. Cannot find any other advert or photos for it.
  3. Brilliantly written James, a very enjoyable read.
  4. Morning Pete, as I said , it's 6 years since I had mine. 07 plate bought in 2010 (60k miles £25k) and kept for 4 years (sold with 99k, £12k ) As far as I can remember, the only expense incurred, apart from routine maintenance, was a replacement headlight bulb for £70. Air suspension, never a problem. The LS600 I replaced it with (2009) had an air shock go which cost £700. Replaced 1 corner, didn't do the other, and never had a problem. They are a much bigger car than your IS but you'll get used to the size very quickly. The SE L has the self parking, bit of a novelty, and after using it a couple of times you'll soon realise it's easier to park without it. 07 plates had a Valve Replacement recall which was carried out FOC by any main dealer. Check on the web it's been done. Keeping well, thank you, just waiting for a call from Harefield Hosp. Graham.
  5. MOT on that one, John, not as good. Some minor issues easily rectified but the 'Slight oil leak' would put me off.
  6. Hi Peter, this would be the one I'd go for. History looks genuine, I would imagine it has been serviced and MOT'd at Lexus ( educated guess) not sure re interior colour, could be black. I'd try to buy it for £10k
  7. Did you forget to put the link in? Happy to give any help, if I can. Bit of a Lexus anorak ( on my 7th LS now ) Not working at the moment, waiting for a By-pass Op, so spending many hours on the web. There's a couple of nice 460s' for sale at the moment. What sort of budget have you? Any preference on colour? Graham.
  8. Had my 460 getting on for 6 years ago now. One thing that sticks in my mind is the different spec between the 460 SE and the 460 SEL. SE L very superior, Larger wheels, lots of extra switches, toys, etc. Always go for the SE L.
  9. Same thing with my LS500 (2018). Can hear the switch operating but the flap does not flip open. OK when the wife's with me (I press the switch, she uses her fingernail to prise it open) When on my own, open the boot, pull the cable from inside, (right hand) prise the flap with the left. Not convenient.
  10. Check the MOT history. Up to October 2015 it had only done 21k. 274,000 miles in 4 years = 68,500 miles per year. If he's averaged 30 mpg and fuel is £5.50 per gallon he's spent £50,233 on petrol. I really should get out more!
  11. ''RE the light.... If it is just a bulb and not the ballast, does the bumper need to come off? Is it a labour intensive job? '' When I had my 460 I also read stories that the bumper has to come off to change the bulb. However, it doesn't. Lexus Guildford took 10 minutes to change it, but the cost of the bulb was about £70. I asked whether the other bulb should be changed, as I thought, if one bulb was gone surely the other side,being on the same amount of time was due to blow as well. Was given the best bit advice from Guildford. IF IT AINT BROKE, DON'T FIX IT Probably had the car for two years after and never had to replace the other bulb. The same result when a rear shock absorber went on my 430. Replaced the one, the other lasted for many years after.
  12. I'd be very careful. Cars I've sold in the past also generated lots of interest from overseas, also offering really good prices. All turn out to be scams.
  13. Always check at time of MOT. Happened to me a few years ago and was informed that MOT details can't be changed on the Gov. Website after 7 days
  14. Come across these on Ebay but have no idea what they are. Digging around, all I could find was that they fit a IS200 and and are described ac 'Front Door Cover, Service Hole' Anyone enlighten me?
  15. Don't think the 460's had RSR, but happy to be corrected. VED for 460 £570; £290 for 600h