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  1. Straightforward replace tyre. Lexus won't repair Runflats. A 1/2 inch screw caused a £237 Bill.
  2. RAC fella put a plug in. Phoned around this morning, no one (that I rang) repairs Runflats. Booked in tomorrow at Lexus for new tyre. Bugger really, had 4 new ones replaced 5 weeks ago re a call back.
  3. As title says. Puncture in my offside rear this morning. Called RAC, temporary fix, told it was repairable but not sure if I fancy that. Anyone with any experience?
  4. The cynic is coming out of me now. How or Why would any company start giving away potentially millions of ££££ in free warranties. I've read the T's & C's on the Lexus website and it does read that way. I just can't get my head around it. They're literally giving every new car now a 10 year warranty absolutely free of charge (even though you must service at a Lexus Dealership, which you had to anyway) I've checked the date and it doesn't say 1st April. Am I being too cynical for my own good?
  5. Had this camera fitted at Lexus last week. I hour wait, £275. Really pleased.
  6. Paul, have just re-read the opening line of your post. Go for it, you'll be regretting it for quite a few years if you let it go.
  7. Hi Paul, welcome to the LOC. Jemca are a Lexus main Dealer. I would have no worries about buying sight unseen as they are ultimately answerable to Lexus UK if any problems arise. I bought a LS 460 from Lexus NI after just seeing 5 photos on Autotrader (no problems). My previous LS600 was purchased from Lexus Edgware Rd, (one of 3 sites that Lexus Jemca operate). Nice people to deal with.
  8. Mine's going in next Monday, all day job.
  9. So annoying. On my 2008 LS600 I could state what temperature I wanted the climate to be and also suspend route guidance. The 2018 LS500 has no temperature controls and you have to go through 2 mouse clicks to delete the sat nav. Feels like a step backwards. Then again, these cars are so clever I wouldn't be surprised if it's just me not knowing how to do it. Then again, this is my 7th LS, so I do know a little bit about them.
  10. Here
  11. Neil, do you really need both replacing? I had 1 rear go, Lexus Guildford replaced. I suggested we change both and was told ''If it aint broke, don't fix it. I had the car a further 3 years before selling it and never had any problems with the original shock.
  12. Had the same, 2 nights running. My wife (Miss Marple) cracked it. Street lights go off at midnight, pitch black. Neighbour opposite has movement sensor security lights. Mr Fox walks past, turns the lights on, Mr Moth wakes up and flies about. Alarm goes off, and believe me, at 2.30am that alarm is loud.
  13. Looks good, only if oil leak fixed. Price seems about right but there are 12 others (04/05 plates) on Autotrader at the moment, so a discount should be available. I'd like to pay £6500 if he would sell at that price. Keep us informed.
  14. Work in Shepperton (10 mins from Heathrow) and every morning Concorde would fly over at 11.05am. No matter how many times anyone saw it, everyone stopped and looked up. I live 2 mins from Brooklands where they have one which you can have a good look around ( and in ) Fantastic machine.
  15. Yes, very. Only problem I've had is I had a Heart Attack the week-end after I bought it (don't think buying it bought that on) so in Hospital for a week, not allowed to drive for 4 weeks, an op. on my carotid artery so not allowed to drive for another week and now we're in lockdown. I've put about 3k miles on in nearly 9 months. But, no regrets, great car.
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