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  1. Hi Rebecca, first of all, welcome to the LOC. You're quite right, no one but fellow Lexus owners will understand the excitement. Congratulations on your purchase, Many happy miles/years of ownership to come. Graham.
  2. Just a translation 'quirk' We call it Premier, other countries call it President. Same model and spec.
  3. Hi Nick, go for it, you won't regret it. Have gone through the range of LS's over the past 17 years; 95 mark 3 400; Owned for 3 years, bought with 150k miles, replaced front suspension (£700 ish) 99 mark 4 400 DHP; Owned for 4 years, 65k miles to 100k, can't remember any major issues. 2006 430; Bought at 2 years old with 130k, no major problems, sold only because I fell in love with the 460. 2007 460 SE-L; 60k, kept for 4 years, sold at 102k, no problems at all. 2009 600HL RSR; Bought at 3 years old 70k miles. Sold after 5 years of ownership, 115k on the clock and running perfectly. and presently a 2013 600 HL. I think after every change, I've wondered if I've done the right thing. Each one is different and after a few weeks of getting used to it you realise you have. I'm pretty sure that each model I've had, the costs have been about the same to keep on the road. MPG is about 25, Insurance is roughly the same, VED is cheaper, being a hybrid. Some nice examples for sale at the moment, to suit all budgets. Good Luck, Graham.
  4. Had 2 LS600hl over the past 5 years. Don't expect anything over 25 mpg.
  5. Phil, Rain X is not a glass cleaner. Clean your glass first with whichever cleaner you prefer, then apply Rain X as instructed. Really does make the rain bead off better when driving in heavy rain. Have used it on all my cars (travel a lot to Yorkshire, always rains in Yorkshire, that's because Yorkshire's up North) Graham.
  6. 14 years of owning 7 LS's, I have only just discovered that, if you pull the full beam stalk after you've switched off, the headlights will stay on for the length of time you have set. Settings in the car which you can do without any reader.
  7. Didn't the link work? The item number is 303023910052
  8. Chrissie, buy a set of these. They will fit. For £9 the 4 with free postage you can't go wrong. Attached picture is the black ones on my wheels.
  9. My only gripe so far with it being the face lift, is they've added convenience entry/exit meaning the darn drivers seat moves in/out every time you start/stop the engine. To my knowledge (and Lexus dealer) this can't be disabled. I don't like it - but I guess it's personal preference. I'm pretty sure you can customize these settings yourself. Have a look in the ''Navigation'' Manual Settings that can be customized using the navigation system display You can customize the following settings using the navigation system display. (For further information on customizing settings using the navigation system display, refer to the Navigation System Owner's Manual.) Item Function Default setting Customized setting Smart access system with push-button start (P. 52) Smart access system with push-button start On Off Door unlock function Driver’s door All the doors Each door Same side doors Wireless remote control (P. 65) Unlocking operation Driver's door unlocked in one step, all doors unlocked in two steps All doors unlocked in one step Time elapsed before automatic lock function is activated if door is not opened after being unlocked 60 seconds Off 30 seconds Smart access system with push-button start and wireless remote control (P. 52, 65) Operation signal (Emergency flashers) On Off Door lock (P. 68, 524) Speed-detecting automatic door lock function Off On Opening driver's door unlocks all doors. Off On Shifting the shift lever to “P” unlocks all doors. On Off Shifting the shift lever to position other than “P” locks all doors. On Off Unlocking using a mechanical key Driver's door unlocked in one step, all doors unlocked in two steps All doors unlocked in one step Power easy access system (P. 96) Driver’s seat movement when exiting the vehicle Full /Off /Partial/ Item Function Default setting Customized setting 573 6-2. Cu
  10. If you've fallen in love with the car and you really want it, pay somewhere between £11k --£12k. As you're asking us what you should do, I don't think you really want it. There is such a difference between the Base model and the SE-L. If you want a 460, wait for a good SE-L to come up.
  11. We could give you the best advice if we knew how much he would sell it for.
  12. As Brian says (2 posts above) your 460 doesn't have a cambelt, it's a chain which doesn't need replacing.
  13. Smiling from ear to ear I bet. Had one for 4 years, couple of recalls, check they've been done. Lovely car, enjoy.