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  1. You can take a Mk3 400 into the zone but it will cost you £12.50, 7 days a week. If you drive in the congestion zone to weekdays £11.50 is added to the charge. So, £24 total.
  2. Thanks David, will do. ''Interestingly the day before my diagnosis I bought the LS 400 - thought about selling it the next day! Glad I didn't!'' I bought my 500 on the Thursday for pick up Tuesday, Between I had the attack on the Sunday. Like you, I nearly called Gatwick on the Monday to pull out of the deal, and, like you, I'm glad I didn't.
  3. Welcome Iain, I'll guarantee you'll love it, great car. Enjoy. Don't forget we all like pics.
  4. I can believe anyone's obsession with their Lexus. Good to know 'It's not just me then' Previous pics, 460 - 430 - 600 - 600. 2 x 400's before these but I have no pics
  5. Many thanks Aido, John. Steve, I had an 09 LS600h and it was a fantastic car. Looking at the current prices, they're fetching more money now than they did 2 years ago. Whenever I change I always have a doubt that I may have done the wrong thing. This doubt usually lasts for about a month until I get used to the new one, then I realise I have done the right thing. I refuse to believe that Lexus, with all the expertise and an infinite amount of money, would do anything other than improve upon the previous model. If I recall, I was probably the other bidder for that salesman's sample case.
  6. Hi Steve, I have my settings to read all the latest posts when I log in.( A stream created by Steve, Admin.). Rear screens fixed, can't be moved ( I said in an earlier post that you should never say can't, won't, doesn't, as with most things Lexus, it can, it will and it does ( it's us not knowing how) It is the Premier so does have the rear seat ottoman.
  7. Page 20. Select button E On mine, voice command ''Show Map'' Not sure on yours.
  8. file:///Users/grahamrush/Downloads/OM33D08E.pdf Not sure if that link will work but it is in the downloaded Navigation Manual page 29
  9. Steve, I had the same on my 1 year old LS, not sure if the ES is the same but try this. When in route guidance select the 3 dots to the bottom left corner of the screen. This takes me to a screen which says at the top left corner ''Pause''. Don't select ''Pause'' instead scroll down to ''Route"". Select ''Route'' and the word ''Delete'' appears in the top right corner, Select ''Delete'' and the guidance is cancelled. When I had my 09 plate LS600 all I had to do was go into voice activation and say ''Cancel Guidance'' I don't why they took this option from the Voice activation commands.
  10. Very nice Steve, I have a sneaky suspicion that you would have spent 35 hours anyway. Enjoy.
  11. Welcome David, Sonic paint will look brilliant with a bit of sun on her back.
  12. Graphite Black, adjustable height when entering the car, Lexus realised that old boys like me would struggle with entry/exit so the car raises when you open the door and lowers when you drive. As with most things in the car you can disable this feature, I think (so many things to discover) It is lower than my previous LS's though.
  13. Thanks Nick, health-wise everything going to plan. 1998 Mark 4's still a great car. Had a silver one with black interior, fond memories.