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  1. So after 6 years away from Lexus I think I am about to come back to the marque. I am looking for 2-3 year old F- Sport ideally based solely on looks. What I want is the full leather with the MK sound system. I had both in my 2008 IS 220D SE-L which I loved. This spec is quite hard to come by though. As a result I am then drawn by the Premier which has the lot but does not look quite as sharp as the F-Sport. I have also noticed that despite a price delta of £4K that the Premier commands new over the F-Sport, Premiers can be had for similar money. Does this mean the the Premier is not as popular and thus depreciates faster or am I missing something? Really not sure what to do.
  2. When I bought my IS220d , The 57 plates did not have the feature but the 08 plates onwards did. I waited as wanted this feature. Being a South African it made me feel at home. LOL.
  3. Hi there I have learnt recently that my job may be on the line. I am four months into a 3 year PCP on my car and may soon not have the means to continue paying for it. Does anybody know where I stand or has been in a simailr position. Any help? Thx.
  4. Whilst in phone mode push the info button twice. This will take you back to the nav screen without the voice buttin in. Hope that helps.
  5. Oh, I did not pick aanything like that up on the one that I had but will watch this space so to speak. Only lag I can report is the one were my head does not keep up with the car when I plant my right foot down. LOL.
  6. Well I knew the day would come when me and my Lexus would part. It is hard to believe that nearly three years has past since I first vistited these forums all excited about my knew car. On the whole my Lexus IS220D se-l Nav/srf was a great car and my first premium car with as many toys as I could ever wish for. From my experience the 220d gets a bad wrap for nothing. Yes the gearing was not perfect and yes the MPG was not the best in class. ( I got 39.7 over the 3 years I had it). Overall I was very happy.# I have now purchased a new Mercedes E-class Coupe E350 AMG Sport. I have checked most of thee boxes to get to the level of toys that I am used to. I had a loan car from them on Friday past and did a normal work type trip to which my Lexus was used to. It managed 46.8 over 148 miles and lets say I had some fun with it to. It only had 700 miles on the clock. I have opted to do a personal collection from the factory in Bremen so that should be special. Anyway thanks to all those who have posted on here over the years and given advice etc, it has been a great place of learning and good fun at times. Regards Gtione
  7. Mate I may hve a fix for you! I have been haaving the same problem. Mine to only happened in second gear and only when I put my foot down. I had the car in for service recently (30K) but forgot to mention it to them as it was not a common occurance. A week later is was getting a bit worse and was working on my tits so I gave the service desk at Twickenham a call. What I was told that if you drive your car a lot a motoreway speeds and just cruise in sixth the whole time that a build up of carbon or the like builds up in the cat and blocks some valve that opens when full throttle is engaged. In fairness that is my driving style most of the time. I usally drive under 2000 rev once on a open road or even around town. What I was advised to do was to work the engine over a 30-40 mile stretch. I was 60 miles from home when I placed the call to Lexus and would use the M25 to get home. I heeded his advice and drove home at 75-80 in forth which resulted in a rev range of 3-4k all the way home. What this does is heat the cat up to a temp that breaks down the deposits and the are sent out the back. Since that day my problem has completly disappered and I now can rev away with no trouble at all. I hope this works for you... good luck..
  8. I agree, I have had mine two years now and my AVG is 40.8 mpg all told. The winter months do hurt it a little
  9. Mate I am quite sure being a Lexus they will most likely quote you to replace the whole front end of the car..... LOL
  10. Just checked. No the image of the seat between the dials does not light up, nor is there any light illuminating the cd slot. At least you now know that you are not going mad.
  11. I had that problem in my IS250 from new. After a lot of searching Lexus found the problem to be a faulty fibre optic cable between the device in the boot and the radio unit in the facia. Now that sounds like a perfect explanation as the DD5.1 soundtrack would only be optical or a coaxial cable. But not sure way the screen visual would effected. Maybe because no sound output is been sent. Who knows.....
  12. Aha. That is very wierd indeed. Have you tried a dvd? If that does not work then the deck must be at fault.
  13. I see from your profile that you have an IS200. Is this still the case as this forum is for the newer IS owners. I am unsure what audio system the older car has so will be unable to assist.
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